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Course Description

Professional coaches help people to address virtually every aspect of life.
Whether you’re interested in working as a life coach, executive coach or organizational internal-coach, the core skills you'll develop through our training will mould to suit your personal needs and professional development.

Endorsed by the Achology, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, our dynamic training will provide you with the necessary skills and insights required to drive your vocation as a professional life coach or help you implement life coaching methods into your established professional field.

This Life Coaching practitioner training will equip you with the broad toolkit of psychologically-based principles and methods required for operating as a Life Coaching Practitioner. This training is intended for those who aspire to help others initiate profound transformations in their vocation and relationships.

Our results-focused life coach training, which is uniquely structured to blend an array of knowledge and experience-based learning methods, offers students a more in-depth training experience than most regularised coaching courses. Our coaches are trained to guide people with compassion, inquisitiveness, confidence and versatility through the various issues and aspirations.

Our Achology certified training courses are renowned for their exceptional support and peer-to-peer learning community. Each lesson will help you unlock your coaching potential, magnify your competency and enhance your confidence. Your capacity to accurately evaluate the calibre of your coaching will grow as you profit from the expertise of fellow Achology members and students.

The principles and methods we teach have helped our international network of Achology certified life coaches and their clients surpass all their predefined personal and professional goals.

Whether you want to fashion strong relationships, form new habits, overcome limiting beliefs, navigate life transitions effectively, become an influential leader or coach others to become their greatest selves, this course is for you.

Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma

Intermediate course

(Advanced to Expert)

for access to this course and much much more

31.5 hours of on-demand video

191 downloadable resources

13 articles

Live practice sessions with experienced tutors

Access to a community of supportive practitioners

Business development workshops

Downloadable coaching forms

Verifiable Professional Practitioner Certificate

How will this course benefit me?

Our course will teach you how to:

  • Build collaborative client relationships that focus on the realization of significant goals and outcomes.
  • Manage your thoughts and regulate your emotional/behavioural responses.
  • Become a more influential communicator, listen deeply, ask thoughtful questions,
  • Increase your aptitude for critical self-reflection and honest self-evaluation.
  • Make authentic decisions that align with your central values, ideal future intentions and growth priorities.
  • Use your presence to deepen your awareness of circumstances and perceptions.
  • Help clients alter their thought patterns which induce undesired outcomes.
  • Evaluate your own life history and make intelligent choices concerning your future.
  • Know your core values, heighten your self-beliefs and recognize emotional triggers.
  • Enrich your worldviews

What will I Learn?

As you apply what you in the modules, you will learn how to:

  • Become a captivating and influential communicator
  • Advance your capacity to listen and ask compelling questions
  • Inspire others to action
  • Build robust coaching relationships with clients
  • Build concepts and models into your coaching practice.
  • Use the Core Identity™ coaching model to cultivate authentic confidence
  • Navigate people through habitual and emotional issues
  • Use critical interpretation and wise reflection to heighten your perception and self-awareness of what's accurate for people.
  • Build firm boundaries that contribute to personal and professional development.
  • Confidently guide people through the Achology Life Coaching Practitioner process and much, much more…

What does the course cover?

Welcome to the Achology Life Coaching Certificate Course 18 Lectures
The Self-Awareness Section (Understanding Self & Others) 36 Lectures
Coaching Styles, Principles & General Good Practice 13 Lectures
Working With Limiting Identity Beliefs (Belief Modification) 16 Lectures
The Core Values & Priorities Section 14 Lectures
Core Communication Skills and Language Patterns 20 Lectures
The Goal Setting Section 19 Lectures
End of Course Wrap-Up & Recommended Reads 10 Lectures
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More about this course

Our curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation upon which you can build your life coaching vocation; from introducing you to the fundamental principles of coaching to planning sessions with your first client.

You will adopt new, life-changing skills and gain paradigm-shifting insights that will help your clients define and achieve their primary goals in life. 

Help empower clients to confront and alter their thought patterns, self-defeating presuppositions, unhelpful behaviours and unwanted emotional states by applying cognitive psychology models taught in the courses.

The sections of training will urge you to examine your strengths and explore how these can be implemented into your practice as a coach. There's no deadline to complete the training; you can fit the lectures around your other responsibilities and achieve the Diploma at your own pace. Our students typically complete this course within 3 - 5 months.

We want to make sure no doors are closed for you, which is why our course and training is specifically designed to help you coach diverse clientele through a variety of circumstances. 

It's important to note that life coaching is not a regulated profession. Anyone who has acquired the essential skills and necessary personal attributes can work as a life coach. 

Because of this, people tend to favour life coaches who unite with a professional organization. Thankfully, Achology holds a global presence as an esteemed training institution and pioneers the way in an exciting new approach to life coaching which is admired and respected by clients and life coaches alike.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who aim to engage more favourably as managers, leaders, teachers and in public service positions
  • Those who want to learn essential insights into understanding human behaviour 
  • Those who are passionate about helping people and making a difference
  • An added draw to life coaching is the contributing nature of the field of study of understanding the human mind and how this understanding can equip us to enhance our connections in all phases of life.
  • We urge our students to blend their personality style into their life coaching. You might be informal and contemplative or more feisty and intense. There's no 'right' kind of person who's best fitted to Life coaching.
  • Those who study life coaching are generally instructors, civil servants, personal trainers, parents, clinicians, social workers, management teams, practised helpers, HR experts, public talkers and those aspiring to become more fruitful versions of themselves.

Requirements for enrolling on this course

No formal qualifications are necessary to start our life coaching course.

This course does not require submission of formal examinations or appraisals.

However, there are several core characteristics people need to become an effective and influential coach.  Professions can be learned, but the qualities of an effective life coach are inherent.

As long as you have a story to tell, a drive to help others, and established core values motivating your growth and development, you’re the right person. 

this course is included with Achology Membership, Along with everything you see below

The first training of its kind

Achology offers you a unique learning ecosystem

Training with Achology offers you a unique learning ecosystem that centres around principled practices which exceed conventional education methods. Achology gives all students attentive support throughout its various programs, practice sessions and peer-to-peer practice events. 

Whether you are a managerial HR supervisor, a self-employed professional looking to certify your practice or a parent wanting to support your child, Achology training programs support every stage of your development.

In our unique, peer-learning environment, you can partake in live practice events, view pre-recorded tutorials, earn CPD credits (starting in 2020), and advance your professional progression. Once you feel ready, you can even apply to host training events and equip yourself for practising in a public or professional setting.

Achology gives you the tremendous opportunity to learn on your merit, work at your own pace, and propel your personal and professional development with the amount of support and accountability as you see fit.

achology video triads and workshops
life coaching online courses and certification

Practitioner Certificates

If you are a professional or aspire to become a professional practitioner then you’ll want to claim the Achology Professional Practitioner Certificate. In order to do this you will need to be a professional member of Achology, this is because these certificates provide a mechanism for professional verification and validation of your professional membership within the Achology body.

In essence, a certificate of completion demonstrates you completed a course, a professional certificate shows you belong to an organisation dedicated to professionalism, a code of ethics and continued professional development.

Put the learnings into practice

Practice putting the Life Coaching skills into practice by participating in live training sessions which are set up as Training Triads led by senior Achology members.

These Training Triads take place once a week over a six-week period. Each training session is 90 minutes in duration, and take place online using our own Achology virtual meeting room set-up (Zoom).

put your learning into practice
Achology triads

Training Triads

A Training Triad is an established way to learn and improve coaching skills.
Within the proven effective and popular Triad format, you will:

  • Work together with a group of like-minded practitioners
  • Collaborate in a supportive and non-judgemental environment
  • Extensively practice towards mastery of your craft
  • Receive a host-lead introduction to life coaching intervention techniques
  • Witness a live demonstration of the technique
  • Be able to ask any questions
  • Move to separate meeting room in a smaller team (three roles: Coach, Client, Observer)
  • Specifically practice the principles of the coaching intervention technique in this group
  • View the coaching experience from varying perspectives (Coach, Client, Observer) 
  • Receive constructive feedback from both the client and an experienced Observer
  • Return to the group setting where you discuss learnings and can hear about the other group members’ experience

A Training Triad is a safe and supportive environment where you can attempt a new method, make mistakes and receive gentle feedback so you can hone your skills. It is easy to join and to participate. You will be guided throughout the process by a senior Achologist. All you need to do is to download the free Zoom application (from just once, and you will be able to participate in any of the forthcoming training triads. 

This live training is one of the benefits of membership of Achology. 

Life Coaching Triads Programme

Training Traids Programme

Establishing Limiting Beliefs

During this triad, as the coach we will explore and unpack the first coaching session: establishing the limitations or the problem the client is experiencing.

We will use 15 questions to help find limiting beliefs from the 'Life Coaching Course.

triads weekly training

Values Elicitation

During this triad, we will dig deeper to find out how your client defines their values.

In order to answer the question 'how does your client define their values?' we first need a clear understanding of what values are. Our values are the things that we believe are important in relation to how we live our lives. Our values should (ideally) determine our priorities in life, and they are generally the measures we use to determine if life is heading in the direction we want it to. However, when our decisions don't align with our values, that's when we start feeling like something's 'wrong' and this can lead to unhappiness and frustration. To avoid this, we must make a real effort to identify what our values actually are.

How understanding values will help our client

Whether we recognise them or not - values exist! We can make life much easier for ourselves by acknowledging our values and by making plans and decisions that honour them.

structured training programme

Defining your greatest life vision

Have you ever considered what your tombstone might say? When you think of what might be written on your tombstone one day, does it encourage, inspire, and push you forward?

Without a personal mission statement, people can only go so far in life and can very quickly find themselves in a place of stagnation & without a vision for their future.

In this exercise, we will create a meaningful mission statement for the rest of your client’s life (that determines how they want to be remembered). It helps us to ensure that our life’s efforts mean something to the right people that mean the most to us.

six-week triads programme


A Mindmap is a graphical way of representing concepts and ideas. It is a visual thinking tool that helps to structure information, helping you to analyze better, comprehend, recall, synthesize and generate new ideas. Mind mapping allows you to avoid dull, compartmentalized and linear thinking. Just like every great idea, its power lies in its simplicity. 

Mind maps (as opposed to traditional note taking) allow you to structure your thoughts more closely to how the brain actually works. As it is an activity that is both artistic and analytical, it engages your brain in a much richer way, and, best of all, it is enjoyable!

Benefits And Uses Of Mind Mapping:

We can use mind maps for?

  • Life Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Note taking
  • Brainstorming (individually or in groups)
  • Problem solving
  • Studying and memorization
  • Researching and consolidating information from multiple sources
  • Jogging your creativity

In this Triad you will learn how Mindmaps can help clarify your thinking about pretty much anything, and in many different contexts: personal, family, educational or business. You will find they are also useful for any other things, like planning out your day, planning presentations, launching a project, writing blog posts and much more.

community driven training

Stretch Goals – Part 1

We are all naturally inclined to focus on what we don’t want, so make sure when answering this question “What do you want?” we will learn to draw the focus on the positive. The learnings you will gain in this Triad will guide you to make sure that any goal you are striving for is something tangible and not just based on a feeling or a fear. This goal should be something that would stretch you, something that you would love to do but – at this point in time – you have some reservations about whether it’s possible, or whether you’re able to achieve it.

In Part 1 of this two part training session, we will help our clients to establish clarity around the questions that will ultimately help them to identify life-changing goals and how they can empower themselves to reach these.

life coaching triads

Stretch Goals – Part 2

In Part 2 of this exercise, we will learn how to establish a more prominent, clearer, and detailed vision of our goal. This will help us to create a greater sense of motivation and empowerment that we can accomplish our goal.

In this session we will help our clients to establish clarity around questions such as how realistic their goal is, how desirable this goal for them really is and how they can determine if any limiting beliefs are holding them back from achieving this goal.

Feedback from our students

L.E. | (Life Coaching Training Triads – Limiting Beliefs)

“Great opportunity! I look forward to learning more and becoming more confident through participating in these triad practices. Thank you for offering them.”

D.B. | (Multi-modality Triad - Limiting Beliefs)

"I had my first very successful experience coaching today! Woo"

I.R | (Life Coaching Triad Week 1, Limiting Beliefs)

"Thank you for this opportunity to practice. Cosmina and Patty did a great job as hosts and super-observers."

J.T | (Achology Life Coaching Triads)

"This session on Core Values was a very good lesson to practice for Life Coaches and trainees. It was good to hear how many people observed the difference between doing this on their own through the course vs. being asked the questions in a session one on one."

D.J.W | (Life Coaching Triad Series)

"This is invaluable in improving my understanding of the life coaching course!"

kain ramsay founder of achology

About the Author

Kain Ramsay is amongst the world's most distinguished thinkers and educators of modern applied psychology. He is a globally respected expert on principle-centred living and specialises in individual performance and wise resolution-making.

Kain is the founder of Achology and bestselling personal development teacher at Udemy. He has authored multiple popular online training courses, including Life Coaching, CBT, Cognitive Psychology, Applied Mindfulness, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Applied Psychology.

Kain started his career in the military and is seasoned in the social sciences, counselling, leadership and organisational management. Kain resides in Fife, Scotland with his spouse, Karen.

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  • A library of resources for both you and your clients
  • Unlimited access to all Achology courses
  • Professional Training and community workshops
  • Professional certification
  • Premium monthly video and written content
  • Join a community of passionate helping practitioners
  • A library of resources for both you and your clients
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