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Thursday News Update 12/7/18

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having fun and settling in! A big welcome to all the new members today, we are now at 800+ members!


Here's the latest...



Check out our first community spotlight, a great video from @samtwizle 

We'll be looking to feature a community video each week so keep that content coming! Please remember to refer to our forum rules in regards to acceptable content.



We are updating our community rules in regards to video submissions, videos must now be original content created specifically for the purpose of the community. I'm afraid that means we have had to remove a couple of videos from the community submissions. Apologies to these creators and I heartily encourage you to recreate that content for Achology. Check out Sam's video above for some inspiration. We may be introducing some quality guidelines as well in the near future.



We now have a dedicated support email address, support@achology.com - we are working on developing a knowledgebase as well to compliment our FAQ page.



Watch this space, a site wide announcement will be made shortly.



You can now add your social media URLS to your profile.



A lot of you have been asking what is coming next, Kain touched on this but in no particular order, a supporter membership level, all the courses, your own blogs and the Achology blog, private messaging, and much more.



To the Q&A forum, this is a place where you can ask a question and reward the the best answer.  Or answer questions and be rewarded. You can also help vote for the best answer too! A great way to build reputation points!



We also have a new FAQ video from Cinzia Dubois for those wanting pointers on setting up their profile.


That's all for today folks, have a great day!

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Great post, easy to read and understand!

I  have a question. I have quite a bit of content that relates to my niche, parenting and family dynamics coaching. Most of it would be new to what we would find in Kain's courses although there are significant connections. You've highlighted that any video content must be original and specifically for the purposes of the community. Well my content is original however I use it in my Udemy courses, facebook pages and plan to use it on other platforms as well. So when you state "specifically" do you mean exclusively? And since my content doesn't fit into any of the set  disciplines but is rather a combination of multi-discipline and self created works, would my submissions be rejected?  

Thank you for your consideration! 🖖😎❤️ 

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