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  1. What is the most misunderstood NLP Presupposition? What are the misunderstandings and how to clarify them?
  2. vishyvasanth

    Is NLP all about the techniques?

    NLP is not all about techniques. If it is taken that way, it would be like the following. Driving has many techniques like taking the reverse, parking, U-turn etc. These techniques alone don't mean Driving. These techniques are part of Driving. The sum of the parts make up the whole and some of the parts don't make up the whole
  3. vishyvasanth

    The most discussed Presupposition

    In my opinion 'Map is not the territory' is discussed often. 'Every behavior has a positive intention' is generally misunderstood. An unambiguous version may be 'Every behavior of a person has a positive intention for that person'
  4. vishyvasanth


    Strengths give confidence whereas limitations give sorrow. If it is affecting my progress in life, my interpersonal relations, or anything positive in life, then it is a limitation. The imaginary limitation can be overcome easily in a short time with self-effort whereas actual limitation, normally takes a lot of time and external help or knowledge to overcome.
  5. Hi all, I'm Vasi (Venkatramvasi) from Chennai, India. Interested in sharing mind-related matters with you all. Thanks, Kain for this platform.