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  1. AshleyVenzon

    Are there unlimited types of life coaching?

    @Stevie Mills I totally agree with what he is saying about finding your niche and asking yourself those questions. This is how I found my niche (anxiety coaching) simply because it was something I went through and am so passionate about because of how I was able to change my life, my thoughts and my emotions. I was put through all the hardships and debilitating states to come out the other side to help people with anxiety. When people know you too went through what they are going through, they find trust in you and your process. 💪
  2. AshleyVenzon

    Keeping you eyes in the present.

    Much like what Stevie and Mary said there are a couple ways of going about it... 1. Find out what had them fixed on the past (dig deep and find the root cause) which then requires finding leverage to change that perspective into a more empowering one 2. Questioning them on what they want "today" and how it is they are going to achieve it.