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  1. OfeMadRocha

    Achology & The Unscaling of Pyschology

    We are human beings evolving constantly. We are not static material, so why the majority of academics still stuck on the past? Yes, I agree with you, we must be willing to embrace change and innovation if we are willing to continue to not just grow but also expand beyond ourself. Thumbs up.... I'love Mexico. my home town. 🙂
  2. OfeMadRocha

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    Why am I feeling like if I'm diving into different ocean? the water is blue and clear, I can see all sort of fishes here, some are big others small, I only see silver and golden colors here. The splashing waves are getting bigger and bigger. It may be because are all dreaming big!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm feeling like in my own mansion... I just need to find were the food is. I'm hungry to learn more and do more. 😉