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  1. I would have to say that I could not say exactly what my greatest success is so far! I try not to look at my life that way! But recently, I had a late night call out to help someone. To spear you the details, it was a prevention thing and a young person! And that is what fulfils me! Knowing that I was able to help someone! That is also my main goal and drive! I don't want to see suffering and sadness and pain! I am a dreamer and I strongly believe we can change all this suffering! I am not satisfied with the systems in place and the way things are done! There is to many people on a wheel going round and round with no resolution! I literally know people, who have been in and out of the hospitals, without any progress for the last 10 years! And that is just wrong! I am especially allergic to see young people and children suffer! A child should only think of what mischievous thing he will do next and not be trapped in this negative depressing state! And that is why I made my company and that is why I will start youtube, tweeter, facebook streaming and have huge plans for the future! Because this needs to stop and I am tired of waiting for something to chaneg!........ I do apologise for my rant it appears I am a bit passionate about this 😂.
  2. Hi Maribel, I have a minimal fee yes. I calculate my basic fee on the grounds of my expenses. since I want to help, that sometimes means only my minimum expenses and nothing more. For instance, since I usually use my car to get to my clients as most of them feel best and most comfortable at home, I then calculate mileage allowance and add 10% rounded to a higher number of those expenses as my fee. I am based in London so let's say my client is 10 miles away (Km works as well) the calculation would be 10(miles) * 0.45£(mileage allowance)= 4.5£. Then I add 1h=10% so for one hour that comes down to 4.95£ = 5£/session + Vat. If there is no need for a minimal fee, My usual lowest fee is Milage allowance * 5 rounded to the higher round number. To follow the example 10 * 0.45£= 4.5£ * 5= 22.5£ = 23£/session + Vat. I do have a set of rules as you have to have limits for your well being too. First, make sure that the person you are helping really does need help in this way after all if they can afford a normal payment then you should charge a normal rate it is your knowledge and time you are putting into this and that is worth a lot. I personally will also do free sessions if needed but only if needed. Sometimes, they rather pay the first option just so that they feel this is not as charity and I can respect that. Second, the client should show commitment where you can see that there is progress and that he is making an effort. If that is not the case you should not pursue this any further as there will be no a lot of lost time for you and the client so the commitment is important. And Third and not last of course, make sure you can afford this way of working. We all know how we get when trying to help someone, sometimes we put them first and us second and that can in return cause us to become so focused and determined, that sometimes we forget about us. That can cause some problems even financial ones, so just remember you can only help others if you are ok in the first place. So with all that in mind do your calculations based on your options, standards, rules, capabilities and the expenses you have in your company. I do it this way because I can afford this way of work. I tried to be short as it is a wide theme to talk about so I hope I helped. Of course, as always, this is my opinion and well ... still learning in the University of life ...
  3. An Interesting topic. I decided since I just created my brand and am starting with bigger goals, now that I fell I am ready, to go on two simultaneous paths. One is where I help businesses and the other is more private one where I help individuals. I have decided that I do not set any pricing until I do my first assessment which is free, as I don't wont to scare people away and at the end, I set a price that will cover my expenses and be in the client's limits. I have decided I will help people so I will go as low as needed for me to help them as I have learned through my experiences that many people have fallen through the proper help channels due to the lack of money. So I decided to make a brand that on one side can make money from bigger clients and other things I will do so that I can finance the part I love the most helping people all of them no excuses. That is why I still work my day job for time being and do this separate so I can afford to do this. I think it is time the world changes and the money is not the important thing for someone to get proper help. I apologise If a am rumbling a bit I guess this is my passion 😀.
  4. Andy

    Naming your business

    Hi Rae That is an interesting and always intriguing subject. I think it comes down to what would you like to do with that business and where do you see it down the road. If it is a small practice then your name or abbreviations of it. If you would like to go bigger or build a brand then you can still use your name or find something that will have a more profound meaning. Anyway, the name is important more so if you would like to promote it and the bigger the promotion, like worldwide the more important the name is. It should be as short as you can make it distinct enough and easy to remember. I have helped a lot of companies with this so I know how hard it is to find a suitable name especially in these days when almost all the good ones are already taken as far as domains and other things connected goes. It took me a year and a half to decide on my own name, but that is mostly due to my goals and dreams of making a global business and due to me not being satisfied by anything lol. You do have an amazing name so there is plenty of nice combinations for you to use. Bottom line decide what your practice will be and then find something that sounds good to you.
  5. Andy

    Life is about adding

    Hi Carlos Nice post, I agree we do not consider someone else's opinions, perspectives and ideas often enough. I have found out through my clients that a lot of them are locked in there "be" perspective ( in a sense they are locked in what they become by growing up through certain believes and influenced by certain environments ). Even me I have found out I jump to conclusions and judgements on others quite too often. So That is also one of the things I wont to change with myself. Now I try to take time before responding with my own response and first think of where this person is coming from and what might have they been through, even if I do not have all this data, it still gives me a more open response where if there is any validity to this persons claim, answer or view, I can then not block him or her but keep conversation going and have time to do some research so that I can openly then grow and contribute to the conversation and to my own knowledge. Of course, I am still not successful 100% of the time, but I am becoming more and more confident in catching these flash thoughts before they make any damage to my reply. We should all be more open and be ready to accept different views and perspectives, of course still with a healthy level of doubt. We can always accept other peoples views, that doesn't mean we have to live by them.
  6. Hi Evette This is an interesting topic indeed. Perfectionism has a light and dark side as everything does in our life depending on our perspective. First, perfection is to each its own, as what is perfect to us may not be perfect for someone else. So it is connected to our own views and emotions. As a light side of the spectrum can take us on a good path as we try to make things right and we put more effort into work and other things including relationships, which means we have more focus and more drive to achieve our goals. However, there is a darker side too. As said what we consider perfect, others may not, so doing it our way can cause some problems from other perspectives. Then if you look it purely from your own perspective, this can go from trying to get everything your way to an OCD state where you can become obsessed with your version of perfection, who doesn’t remember Detective Monk? Definitely all of us that are driven to succeed have a perfectionist inside us, I think we need a healthy dose of common sense and control to overcome some urges and inside voices pushing us towards the dark side. The big factor in these are of course our bad experiences in the past. This is a subject that could go on and on, but that is what we are humans aren’t we, onions with so many layers our eyes water up 😂 Of course like always only my humble opinion… still studying in the lifetime university…
  7. Thank you and I agree, don't get me started, that is why I appreciate this site even more and all the work it is put into it by all. It is another step in the right direction where we can change the world where children can be happy, satisfied, loved, fed and encouraged. Where there could be no more poweerty and hunger and war and so on. I do dream of that day, though it may never come in my lifetime, I will still do my best to start the ball rolling.
  8. In my opinion, no one is born to be a bully or to harm people. We are all born innocent and what happens to us in life is what makes us who we are. For an example, if you would be born in the midst of middle east conflict or let's say war, for you growing up would be normal to see torture and death and in that sense when you would come to a normal country with no war your reactions would be based on what life thought you before. Let's say you would have caught someone stealing your food. For you it would be with no bad intentions normal to cut that mans hand off, that would not mean you want to do it or you like it, but since you have grown up looking at this it would be for you normal and perfectly acceptable reaction. Let's say you would be born into a rich family where your whole family would treat people like they are better than them like they are more than others. Then this would be what you know, you doing the same things is what you have learned and kids learn from observing. that doesn't mean you are mean or evil or bad it just means you don't know different. We should all apply kids observation skills in today's life. That is why I always say don't judge educate. We all react differently to the same traumatic experience. That is why some of us can learn and help others and others need a little bit more help to overcome this experiences. We don't know what people we encounter have gone through, maybe the boss who is bullying all had a father that did that to him and he doesn't know any different. Or maybe he was bullied in school and has seen that they got away with it, so he decided that it is the best thing to do to become a bully to protect himself. And since people let other people go too far for too long, these people sometimes don't even know how badly they are treating people after all. So no one is born evil or bad or has any bad intentions, I call this "Life Happens" we are what we are through our experiences, our environment, our friends and family and so on. When you understand where the person is coming from that is when you can help. Of course, only my humble opinion and I am learning in the lifetime university so.
  9. Hi Graham This is an excellent post. I started my path about 17 years ago when I meet my wife. She was coming from an abusive background and had anxiety, depression and really bad panic attacks that were so severe, that sometimes they had to call an ambulance as she was in a cramp unable to move. So my path started so that I could help her. Her psychiatrist at the time was really not doing anything and for some things, she didn't even know how to go about. So I took this on to me to change that. Now as I am a dreamer I don't wont to see people suffer for anything! I think we need to change the world. I am also disappointed in our mental health clinics and institutions. There is to many people coming back and back again. When you see the way this goes you can see that it has to do a lot with bureaucracy and making money and not really to help people( I am definitely not saying that all people inside the system are like this of course ..Generalisation..). I had a friend who they insisted he needs to stay in the hospital to help him but the whole month he was there he was literally doing nothing. He was endlessly roaming the corridors and outside in a depressive environment, they had not given him any therapy or anything else to do. So I want to change all this. Enough of taboos and walls and judgment it is time to educate and help.
  10. Hi Kain I would like to say thank you for this, as I feel that this way we can help each other on our way to knowledge and overcome our own barriers and problems. I feel that something like this has been long overdue, as people should be connecting all over the world and start cooperating and working towards a common good. So this is an excellent community that will expand our knowledge and expose us to more views so that we can see through other peoples eyes also. I think that there will be a lot of AHA moments for all of us inside this community. I am happy to be a part of this. So thank you for your work, teachings and help. Keep up the good work. Andy
  11. Long-term illness by my experience causes people to label themselves by what the most of the feedback from their social circle causes them to start labeling themselves in the first place and in long term that is one of the difficult things to overcome as a lot of the people have accepted this as the truth of what they are so, therefore, it is almost as if they were raised to this. But it is also rewarding when you achieve a breakthrough with someone like this as this can make them free again and give them the push and motivation to move forward. It is on us to show them that labels are only labels and as such, they can be changed as we see fit and in most cases usually other people start labelling people so that they can point a finger and judge. Usually without any proper information or knowledge about that person!