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  1. Thank you and I agree, don't get me started, that is why I appreciate this site even more and all the work it is put into it by all. It is another step in the right direction where we can change the world where children can be happy, satisfied, loved, fed and encouraged. Where there could be no more poweerty and hunger and war and so on. I do dream of that day, though it may never come in my lifetime, I will still do my best to start the ball rolling.
  2. Andy

    Psicotic people have good intentions?!

    In my opinion, no one is born to be a bully or to harm people. We are all born innocent and what happens to us in life is what makes us who we are. For an example, if you would be born in the midst of middle east conflict or let's say war, for you growing up would be normal to see torture and death and in that sense when you would come to a normal country with no war your reactions would be based on what life thought you before. Let's say you would have caught someone stealing your food. For you it would be with no bad intentions normal to cut that mans hand off, that would not mean you wont to do it or your like it, but since you have grown up looking at this it would be for you normal and perfectly acceptable reaction. Let's say you would be born into a rich family where your whole family would treat people like they are better than them like they are more than others. Then this would be what you know, you doing the same things is what you have learned and kids learn from observing. that doesn't mean you are mean or evil or bad it just means you don't know different. We should all apply kids observation skills in today's life. That is why I always say don't judge educate. We all react differently to the same traumatic experience. That is why some of us can learn and help others and others need a little bit more help to overcome this experiences. We don't know what people we encounter have gone through, maybe the boss who is bullying all had a father that did that to him and he doesn't know any different. Or maybe he was bullied in school and has seen that they got away with it, so he decided that it is the best thing to do to become a bully to protect himself. And since people let other people go too far for too long, these people sometimes don't even know how badly they are treating people after all. So no one is born evil or bad or has any bad intentions, I call this "Life Happens" we are what we are through our experiences, our environment, our friends and family and so on. When you understand where the person is coming from that is when you can help. Of course, only my humble opinion and I am learning in the lifetime university so.
  3. Hi Graham This is an excellent post. I started my path about 17 years ago when I meet my wife. She was coming from an abusive background and had anxiety, depression and really bad panic attacks that were so severe, that sometimes they had to call an ambulance as she was in a cramp unable to move. So my path started so that I could help her. Her psychiatrist at the time was really not doing anything and for some things, she didn't even know how to go about. So I took this on to me to change that. Now as I am a dreamer I don't wont to see people suffer for anything! I think we need to change the world. I am also disappointed in our mental health clinics and institutions. There is to many people coming back and back again. When you see the way this goes you can see that it has to do a lot with bureaucracy and making money and not really to help people( I am definitely not saying that all people inside the system are like this of course ..Generalisation..). I had a friend who they insisted he needs to stay in the hospital to help him but the whole month he was there he was literally doing nothing. He was endlessly roaming the corridors and outside in a depressive environment, they had not given him any therapy or anything else to do. So I want to change all this. Enough of taboos and walls and judgment it is time to educate and help.
  4. Andy

    What has Achology done well so far?

    Hi Kain I would like to say thank you for this, as I feel that this way we can help each other on our way to knowledge and overcome our own barriers and problems. I feel that something like this has been long overdue, as people should be connecting all over the world and start cooperating and working towards a common good. So this is an excellent community that will expand our knowledge and expose us to more views so that we can see through other peoples eyes also. I think that there will be a lot of AHA moments for all of us inside this community. I am happy to be a part of this. So thank you for your work, teachings and help. Keep up the good work. Andy
  5. Andy

    CBT based Lifecoaching

    Hi Gary Thank you for a great topic! I agree with you, that is one of the reasons that set us back, however, I feel that that is only the excuse that people use due to lack of motivation. I have found out that usually (of course in my personal experience) the order of things is lack of motivation following by excuse to not do things as I can do this tomorrow. I am finding out that one of the biggest reason for no results until the next session is that people are motivated and in sync when the therapist or a coach is there but when they are alone al that is gone. I agree that people need to realise with our help also that they are the ones that need to change and start doing things, however at the moment I have a particularly hard case where this motivation does not come to a person. I know that there is a limit to where we can help, unfortunately, I am that sort of a person, that thinks that no one is beyond help and for all, we can find a way to motivate. I know that can get me into trouble, but that is why I started this journey, not to give up on anybody. Hi Tina Thank you for your reply I agree with you it is somewhat tiring to dig deep and hard, however, I guess my Achilles tendon is, that I feel that I want to help all by finding a better way to their problems and that no one is beyond help. That is the reason why I started on this path. I do agree with you, yes sometimes we all ask ourselves if after a certain time it is still worth our time, however, I fell that it is. It is what we do after all. Non the less I agree that sometimes it is hard. Of course, this are my tendencies and opinions only. I know that there will be a time that I have to step away from someone, I agree with Kain on that one. Sometimes you just have to, but that won't stop me from learning an trying to find a way even to these type of clients. I went into this to help and finding ways to help people tear down their walls and motivate them. I think that that is what it is that we do.
  6. Long-term illness by my experience causes people to label themselves by what the most of the feedback from their social circle causes them to start labeling themselves in the first place and in long term that is one of the difficult things to overcome as a lot of the people have accepted this as the truth of what they are so, therefore, it is almost as if they were raised to this. But it is also rewarding when you achieve a breakthrough with someone like this as this can make them free again and give them the push and motivation to move forward. It is on us to show them that labels are only labels and as such, they can be changed as we see fit and in most cases usually other people start labelling people so that they can point a finger and judge. Usually without any proper information or knowledge about that person!
  7. Andy

    How Can One Measure Success?

    Thank you, It means a lot to me that people want to contribute so I love the sense and filing of this community and a chance to share and exchange knowledge. I am happy to be a part of this community!
  8. Andy

    How Can One Measure Success?

    For me, success is when I can see that my client has advanced in whatever he wanted to advance his or her life. Financially it is not as important to me. I have gone into this to help people first, plus the services that I offer to the business side of the market can make it up the difference, so I go on, in the way of not charging the full amount at all times as I have clients that cant afford it. This has lead to quite a few clients that have found new jobs and careers to come back months later with a donation to my company or with countless references. And that is what is important to me knowing I have helped even the ones that the system, NHS or other dropped through the holes, due to this or that bureaucratic or economic problem. That is what it is all about for me. Positive thinking and spreading positivity around me. Life is amazing!
  9. Andy

    CBT based Lifecoaching

    An interesting topic, I have found one thing that I am coming back to all the time and that is motivation. I am now in a process of trying to learn how it would be possible to achieve enough self-motivation in a person to start the process of self-change. That means accepting therapy and wanting the change. especially in the people that are stuck in a cycle of hospitals and therapies and other things for years with no results. I have found that motivation to do things by themselves often disappears the minute they are on their own. I think this is one of the biggest issues. I know that not all of the people want the change, but that is what I would like to change find as many ways to motivate people to help themselves as possible. I have a personal opinion that everyone has a motivational point that can be triggered..... I know that is why I am a dreamer.