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  1. Happy birthday blessings 😀

  2. DNatureofDTrain

    Letters....behind the name...

    I was just wondering for the hypnosis thing... I found other courses to certify me for this in the us in 6 months i should be certified for smoking cessation.. or 5 now if i can keep my earnings up to keep paying for it,,, the one i want want do in courses is almost 3,000 hmi ones but i can not afford that lol... i been stuck in 3-5$ a day range for years i got lucky and had a spike in sales then spent it all in Kain;s courses not that i am complaining about the courses I love them.. I just hope it helps my skills enough to improve and keep earning... :) ... Thanks all! I do believe you are all right that certificates and letters.. can mean something or nothing it all depends on how the person can apply what they learned and earned... :)
  3. DNatureofDTrain

    Embracing Discomfort

    Part of our existence is to suffer... Suffer to learn.. Suffer to know.. Suffer to Live.. And Suffer to grow... And What may seem like a horrible big bad pain at first.. You look closely at what the pain is from.. How big is it? The size.. Shape... Trace it to the source... poof it disappears once you find the source.. or sometimes you hove to do the "drop down through method" .. I love that Kain's courses taught me that. As pain is a signal to alert your attention to something... One you know what it is alerting usually is dull down to a discomfort.. or vanishes unless it is from a major severe injury of course... then medical attention is needed for that... of course.
  4. I got my first couple of paycheck selling hypnosis files I wrote and made wohoo!.. I thought I could.. I thought I could.. I thought I could. :) .. My Next goal is to keep em coming. :)
  5. DNatureofDTrain

    What daily rituals do you have?

    Mine is a little bit of both...
  6. DNatureofDTrain

    Can we talk about money?

    Money... Win the lottery... Then give it to family.. then family thinks they are entitled to all your earn and own.. Then try to get a job.. "You are rich and hiding it.. you don't need a job" ... offered jobs... come into big money again preventing a train bombing... Gift it all away philanthropist style.. World finds out somehow... do to spying relatives and their friends... Boom.. Back to poverty.. no job.. no money.. and surrounded by malicious people mad you did not give them the money... targeted by rumors, scammers, thieves.. all the time... Then trying to get a job hearing people say "All you want is money". who wants to live as dependent on their family at age 38?... Money is not good or bad it is a symbolic energy exchange.. But please keep some of that energy to help and support yourself... I can not put down people who are greedy with their money... I do not blame a person with money for clinging onto ti to tightly... Once you been rich.. no one wants to hire you ever again... When you are broke they refuse to believe it... I been stuck in the 3-5$ a month earnings for years,, now finally getting into 20$ a month if i am lucky... So am I sick of this thing called money? Yes.. Have a lot suffer, have none suffer... I do not regret helping people with it... But I do regret not being some what greedy and selfish to meet my needs... The world is great until you cash and spend a big check ... like that.. Mine was not suppose to be publicly known.. but my relatives opened their mouths.. Then I just ended up open about it... Guess this goes back to negatived unwanted labels... the moment you have more money than someone else if they do not get anyone you get labeled greedy. And if you give it all away.. Then you get labeled stupid and irresponsible...
  7. The point is summed up in one word.. "experience" ... Any other definition would start wars and debates.. lol
  8. DNatureofDTrain

    Personal Labels

    From my perspective labels are not bad. Labels are form of classification to identity something we do, were born as, or are working towards.. Just like every little mark on the screen is words... words can help or hurt, be useful or useless same with labels.
  9. DNatureofDTrain

    Is there a darker side to perfectionism?

  10. DNatureofDTrain

    Show your business cards please!

    I just pasted mine from my Facebook link copy paste..
  11. DNatureofDTrain

    Is there a darker side to perfectionism?

    No, I see the dark as when the traits to perfect one self becomes a harm to self or others and is not serving to be better. assuming you are referring to Dark as negative...
  12. DNatureofDTrain

    How do I choose (and set) the right session fees?

    When I charge I usually always charged for time and materials... Not for content... But I do not do coaching stuff yet. I only attempted to do so with psychic readings.. But many readers combine counseling or coaching with reading... So I might do that...eventually.
  13. DNatureofDTrain

    Psicotic people have good intentions?!

    If it is is the Boss or manager of the company stealing from the company, or employees Find out if there is a company board, or manager to report it too.. if no one else to report it to then I would recommend getting the authorities involved... like Police or investigators.. I hate recommending that though. :) .
  14. DNatureofDTrain

    Is there a darker side to perfectionism?

    The Dark as being to hard on yourself, neglecting other areas and aspects of life focusing to much on being perfect, being nit picky and having low self esteem and self worth for putting stands to high. In Toltec Wisdom they say,, "Always do your best, and have no regrets" .... And in the end... I always see this is we always did our best at the time we did it so we are perfect in the way we are, not as we think we should be. The American Army has the saying, "Be all that you can be." ... We should always do our best we know at the time, then we will have no regrets. Then we can embrace that we are already perfection in our natural human being imperfections.