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  1. DNatureofDTrain

    Talk on long term illness and labelling

    I know what you mean... I did the same mine at first...... then when your shock of learning about it wears off.. it is like people have this mob mentality of "What it is like to have this illness" ... "I am like no really... ya don't wanna know". And just try to get them to stop introducing me as This is so and so and they have this illness.. or this is illness Girl, Illness boy, I see that a lot too... I saw that a lot with my friend that had Cancer people always said so and so with Cancer, or Cancer boy or Cancer girl... as if the illness itself is not scary enough... All I can say is try to explain to people you do not want to focus on your illness all the time, or talk about it all the time.. it is hurting more than helping.... But I found people like to bait people into these talks too to either prey on them, or make people out to be weak... or feel worse.. I see this is a lot on the chat network I go to...
  2. The two main advantages I see are adaptability, and flexibility.,, and in some case a chance of seeing even a bigger picture, with more approaches to approach the issue from.
  3. DNatureofDTrain

    How do you deal with bad intentions?

    You could always require them to listen to the section in Kain's course about unconditional positive regard.. including respecting others people's property. If something went missing. you can give a time frame in a couple days for either the item to return or money to appear to replace the item in a room or place the others do not go to and give the stolen item a chance to reappear have everyone one by one walk through the area then at the end see if it reappeared... another idea..
  4. DNatureofDTrain

    Letters....behind the name...

    letters are way overrated.. and boy do I whole heartedly agree on blindly trusting people over labels.. I can not tell you how many times people with trusted titles and labeled lied to me, and seriously damaged my core family relationships...
  5. DNatureofDTrain

    What draws you to the world of the Helping Practitioner?

    The hypnotherapy courses drew me into to udemy and into this forum. I make and write audio scripts for fun, and I wanted to learn how to do that for therapy to help others and myself as well. I took other course courses to to not only gain skills to help others but to try to improve my communication skills for working with others.. ...I am trying to stear myself in another direction other than my heart that been set on railroading... I wanted to be a brakeman or a conductor.. I guess I will be conducting trains of thoughts instead of trains. :) . I had a passion for as long as I can remember to help others.. But it has to be on my own time demanding and ordering me to help makes me prefer to walk away lol.. I will help if its needed and if I can anyhow.. but to many taken advantage of my helping nature. I always felt if you can do something to help you should, unless you know someone else who wants to step up and do it then do not take it from others who want to.. I have to watch out for this as I will often to jump up to help and others become jealous over that..... So I need to remember to share helping duties lol... It's passion, and values, and contribution... I do enjoy thank yous.. But, I usually just naturally always saw this as part of what I am meant to do.
  6. DNatureofDTrain

    Letters....behind the name...

    Do these courses qualify to put letters behind your professional name? like... these? CH - Certified Hypnotist CHT - Certified Hypnotherapist
  7. Another tip I forgot is to look at what you are spending on that last Cigarette a Day, And what you could put to instead.. a nice massage, or a trip fund... etc. :) .
  8. I have to disagree on the topic of depression. I thought it was cognitive and thinking issues too for years.. Finally I was able to get help from antidepressants... I was on for two years.. then weaned off and since then I been able to use herbs as needed... Sort of like in Anxiety when flight or fight responce can kick in for no reason at all so to can depression, and sometimes those meds are needed.. In my case they were needed, and I held off for 3-4 years before I would agree to meds. So in some cases there is a real physical component there. However, do I believe meds alone help? .. No... I believe there should always be cognitive help, positive life style changes etc.. But, I also feel in many Cases Depression as an illness is usually not an illness at all but it is most commonly a symptom of another illness.... Depression can be a general emotions as most commonly is. It can be situational.... Which NLP, Lifecoaching, CBT, hypnotherapy can all give resources to cope... but sometimes that can not help and the person needs a safe environment change... Then you have clinical factor.. where the body is deficient in something, producing certain chemicals... I get peeved when people say "chemical imbalance in the brain" As Depression effects the entire body is not a brain alone illness.. Then the most common overlooked one Depression as the symptom of another treated or untreated illness... I am firm believer through experience that learning to build will power, confidence, and coping skills really helps... But, I also know from experience that sometimes people do need meds for it... And there is no way around that... I wish they would reclassify that type of Depression under another name as this is so misunderstood... Like call it seritonin deficiency, or dopamine deficiency... I however also know that proper skills and mind over matter can accomplish great things as well. And for some train the body to make and produce the needed chemicals without meds. I was able to help mine learning to eat the right foods to produce the needed chemicals at times in my case.. or get the proper amount of sunlight.. I went from severe depression... down to mild to null.. Seasonal Affective Disorder... Basically I would call this sunlight deficiency :) .. Everyone has that a little bit in areas where there is lack of sunlight but for those of us with the disorder... there is special lights we can sit under to help it as well... I personally do not like the lights lol... I discovered sounds and chants can help produce the same chemicals I need.. which leads to less herbs or medicines. I am new to learning and practicing NLP, and CBT ... so my opinion on this may eventually change. :) . But, I do know for myself and many others.. the proper meds at the right time in life.. Can really literally be the life saver... But if one meds for depression, a person should be reevaluated yearly no questions ask.... Then other tests if the med stresses other body functions... Do not try to self medicate for this either always have a professional psychiatrist or family doctor help you with that... and for herbs.. herbalist... So far the Depression is just an emotion standpoint is really the only thing I disagree with most about... here.. My approach on things maybe a little more into the background than most are used too.. But, i hope after learning more for NLP I will be able to approach things differently. :) .
  9. DNatureofDTrain

    Show your business cards please!

    Some people for business cards now just have their name, or trade name, what they do, and websites. Mine is like that and my photo too... But I just let people save mine on facebook. I do not go out enough to give it to anyone. You are welcome to save mine and edit it your format too... For the fancy DNatureofDTrain I use cooltext . com for that. Others put their social media information on them too, and others put their business address where their websites are I work from home and do not put my address out as I do all I do through the internet...
  10. DNatureofDTrain

    Are You Embracing Neuromarketing?

    I am most definitely interested in this. :) My marketing skills in general.. need a pep.. lol
  11. DNatureofDTrain

    What is that type of story technique called?

    Lol, I have some other courses to finish first but.. oh yeah one of these days I will. :)
  12. DNatureofDTrain

    What we stop doing can be as impactful as what we are doing

    I am starting to realize that most of the people running around calling me delusional are projecting their delusional perspective on me as they keep thinking I am saying and doing all this stuff I am not, and a lot of this is traced back to a whole load of liars... who are trying hard to discredit anything I do. I am glad that some people in the community are finally waking up to the truth in this, and are standing up for me. I just need to keep working hard and going forward. Thank You!.
  13. DNatureofDTrain

    The Coffee Lounge

    As the collective all runs off.. yelling, "Miiiiiine" lol ... Then returns to give ya major cup :) .. of your choice.
  14. DNatureofDTrain

    What is that type of story technique called?

    Thanks, it sure does. I keep forgetting what it is called. :) . Thanks! .. Now, I can go back and find the right file in Kain's course to listen too :)
  15. Just many would go wow bad affirmation to run around stating, "I am mental, I am mental" ... "I am mentally ill" is just as bad. So I will state I do have health conditions that fall under mental illness, but I refuse to ever state.. "I am mentally ill." ... For that reason.. I found myself getting worse and thinking mental ... when I did that.. I was like ... this is not right... When I learned about affirmations that made sense.