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  1. David

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    Got it. Looking forward
  2. David

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    Alright @Kain Ramsay. So I should hold on to the topic I guess? or maybe the question could help fill up that toolkit?
  3. David

    Show your business cards please!

    Thanks Misty
  4. David

    Show your business cards please!

    Don't know how to upload it 😞
  5. David

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    @Misty Flanagan I was wondering if here is the right place to post about creating a toolkit of activities and exercises that we as practitioners can use in our work with groups for example. I believe that is something that can create a great archive that could be available for all of us. @Julian Y & @Kain Ramsaycouldn't this toolkit be also a part of achology itself?
  6. David

    Are there unlimited types of life coaching?

    Excellent @Stevie Mills these are simple questions but quite powerful and relevant. We are not all ready to coach in all areas, that's just not possible. If we want to do all at once we go wide but never deep, so our coaching would not be as meaningful as it should be.
  7. David

    Letters....behind the name...

    I absolutely agree with you @Debby Spaltmann Just on point. I believe that our real value for our clients will be shown in the level of confidence and trust that they have in us. Personally, I come from a very different background. As an "Economist" I have found my way to the realms of personal development and I have been working to earn the respect of my people, not by trying to showing off with some certifications but mostly by showing that I am 100% there for my people, 100% authentic and also 100% imperfect but moving towards a better version of myself. WE have to show the people that it is not about the names, titles and certificates when we want to help people. We need to teach the people that they have to stop trusting blindly just because someone has a fancy title. There has been experiments when people follow blindly anyone just because they are wearing a rope. That is so dangerous and many people are misusing this kind of things. It is up to us to create that change... I believe.
  8. Excellent recommendations guys. Thank you
  9. David

    Mindfulness v meditation.

    Hi @Cassian Hall, where can I see your texts about this topics?
  10. David

    An Intro to Masterminding: Mastermind Groups

    That was a great presentation indeed.
  11. David

    The most discussed Presupposition

    This is one of the tough ones. My students are always asking about that one. I struggled with this presuposition for a long time. It is difficult to imagine that every behavior has a positive intent. However, i believe this is because, we look at the result of the behavior or we compare it with our believes, thoughts, mindset and we don't try to see the position of the other person. If we focus only in our perspective, this presupposition will never make sense to us.
  12. David

    Mindfulness v meditation.

    Gary, I would love to have a look of what you have been writing about. Where can I read it? Greetings from Colombia mate 😉
  13. I would like to share a question, that one of my students asked me today about help in a client to stay focused in the present. How can we help someone, who is pretty focused in his past, to remain in the present and work here, in order to change his situation? The coach isn't there to tell the client what to do but more as a facilitator of change. So, how can be help such a person, without start giving the advice? Look forward to your comments 😉