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  1. David


    FOMO = Fear of missing out. This idea has created a legion of zombies walking around saying yes to things that they don't even want to say yes, just because they don't want to feel left out or excluded from some experiences. The fact that we are constantly thinking about the things that we are missing just because we are doing this and that, creates such an anxiety in us, that it blocks our minds, performance and in general our lives. We don't feel happy anywhere and with anyone, since we are always thinking if there is maybe something better, fun, more exciting or interesting that what we are doing right now. Fun fact, most of the things that we think that we are missing out are by nature superficial or connected with short term gratification. While we are struggling with these kind of thoughts, what we are actually doing is missing the opportunity that we have to live our lives at its fullest, by being who we actually are, doing what we really want to do, and make the best with the time that we have in this tiny planet. Do you know how low the probability is to be a human being? and yet we frequently forget to realized the blessing that it is to be who we are. So, what are you missing out?
  2. Pretty often, our clients and ourselves focus our current situation, complaining how bad it is, how confused we feel, and how much we just want to change it. However, in many occasions when we talk with people and we ask them what they want to do instead, they respond like Alice; they just simply don't know. Sometimes, they believe that any kind of change will be better that what they are living right now, which might take this person through paths that might not be as good as they believe they are. Sometimes we are living in such pain, that anything that might ease the pain will be helpful, sometimes we feel so frustrated with our partner, that we feel that any other person will do the trick or we feel that our life is so damn difficult, that the best way is to escape from it, which can be very dangerous and at the end, it might bring even more problems to our lives. The fact that people say "I don't know", simply shows a lack of responsibility. That sentences shows that the person hasn't in fact thought about what they really want. They expect some kind of sign or message from the outside world that might show them what they have to do with their lives. Also, they might not even want to change their situation and just simply enjoy (in a very weird way) complaining since that might get the attention from the people around them. I have to say that I have been Alice in the past (Kain was a witness of that time) and it took a great effort to actually realize what I really want for my life and who I needed to be in order to obtain it. This doesn't mean that we can figured everything out at once. I believe we can become Alice pretty often in our lives, since during our journey in this life, we will find many different cross-paths/alternatives/opportunities. Having this in mind, what is the best way we can help the Alices of the world? And even more important (imo), what should we definitely not do???
  3. David


    Excellent Bernard.
  4. Yesterday in our weekly meeting hosted by Karen Armstrong and myself, we discussed the kind of behaviors that we tend to have in social settings, when we hear someone complaining about their lives, their problems, their self-esteem and much more; sometimes we just want to jump in and "help" them by giving them some advice, and explain them that we know "better" what they need to do in order to solve their problems and have a better life. I am pretty sure that we all know by now that this isn't right, and if you aren't sure why, I'd invite you to check out our discussion. What I find pretty interesting is the skill that we all need to have in order to actually help someone but we pretty often barely use: listening. How long can you listen, without opening your mouth? How long until you start creating an answer or "solution" in your mind? How long do you think you can actually listen to someone, before starting to getting distracted by something else? Listening is the main skill that we need to develop if we actually want to help anyone. It is difficult (if not impossible) to develop empathy and understand someone if we are not even able to listen to what people say. So, how can we develop this vital skill?
  5. Awesome Bernard, thank you very much for your comment.
  6. Many people believe that what they have, who their are and what they have become is just because of them, ignoring the fact that nobody is here in this world alone. As a matter of fact I wouldn't be here if someone else would have seen things in myself that I wasn't able to see. A day like today about 5 years ago that person told me "stop being a little bitch and be a man! Step up!" .... And I did it. Today I am a greater version of myself because of the support, trust and unconditional acceptance of Kain, my parents and the people around me that love me. Everytime I am in front of an audiences, a group of students or in front of a client o simply someone asking for my help, I know that I am not alone, that next to me are all these people supporting me. I do my best to show them that their trust is in good hands and that I give everything that I have thanks to them. For an egocentric personality like mine, this is a huge step and maybe other people find this common sense. However we often forget this simple fact. ¿Are you aware of this? ¿Do you appreciate the people around you or are you ignoring them? ¿Who can you thank today for his/her support? ¿What are you waiting for?
  7. You will never know what you are capable of until you try it.
    I have just came back from a wonderful week in Mexico City, where I managed to organized a beautiful event for people interested in destroying their limiting believes, fears and doubts.

    I have to say that this experience has thought me more that I was able to teach while I was there. I have realized once again, that it is not about what you can teach, but how much can you care for the people that are around you.

    I have also learned the power of believe in other people and in having faith in them and in myself without knowing how is it going to end.

    I was amazed how welcome I was there and how being humble about it can empower my teachings and my own personality.

    I am not quite sure if I am making a lot of sense but I just wanted to shared just a little of this magical experiences with all the people that, like me, want to make a differences in this world.


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    2. David


      @Karen Armstrong sure, next week would be possible, maybe we can create some kind of event if you like

    3. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      YES!! I'd love to!! I'll message you to arrange a day and time to discuss!  Can't wait! 😊

    4. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      I am SO excited we got this started today and scheduled our first of many sessions!!!  Thanks again for your time and I look forward to teaming up to make a difference in this amazing community!!! 

  8. Looking forward to see you all in our Zoom meeting with the great Career Coach @WendyShinyo at 12pm GMT -5





    1. WendyShinyo


      The time would be 5 PM GMT / UTC ... 1 PM Eastern Daylight ... 10 AM Pacific. I hope this helps. David and I have fun confusing each other with time zones 😉.  And since I was utterly confused, I thought this might help in case anyone gets as time stupid as I do!


    2. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      It was an amazing call!!  Thanks again David.  I am really looking forward to the next one!

  9. David

    Helping those you are closest to.

    They asked for help actually, but yea, it is frustrating
  10. David

    Helping those you are closest to.

    I have already many times coach my sister and her husband since I care for their future. She is younger than me and I feel kind of responsible for being "the voice of reason". Now, although they understand why I am saying and they see the point I am trying to make, there is no result whatsoever afterwards. There are no actions that change their situation and the complains remain, which is really frustrating for myself. So I can see that coaching our love ones can be a pain in the ass and also pretty unfulfilling. But this is mostly not because of them but because of our expectations about them and what they should do (according to us) to be better. It might have something to do with CONDITIONAL acceptance. Nevertheless, I would not close myself to coach a love one. Who knows.? Maybe, if I managed to see the person as an individual separated from myself, I will be able to be an aid for them.
  11. David

    Are you an Ambivert

    Thanks for the sharing @Margaret Doxey I have never seen it this way, but it actually fits in the way I behave sometimes. I might have to take a closer look into it. Although, it might be something that happen to all of us, one way of another. Aren't we all in this case Ambivert depending of the situation we find ourselves in?
  12. The Zoom Meeting about the MetaModel is starting now.

    Zoom ID:935-535-133

    See you there.

  13. I think that would be good, if you are ok with that, or we can just jump and see what happens 😛
  14. David


    Hate is one of the most powerful feelings that we can ever feel and also one of the most damaging ones. Long ago I heard that "Hate is like if you would drink a poison, with the expectation that the other person will die of it" (I hope I have translated it right ) For me this is the most accurate definition of hate. Many of us said that we have never felt hate for anyone else, but how often we have experience a similar feeling, where our stomach just burn thinking about someone and expecting that he/she feel bad for what they did to us, or at least they get some kind of punishment or evil? Well, maybe I am the only with a twisted mind, but I doubt it. The fact remains that this feeling take the best of the people, while the person we wish something bad will never know and they keep living their lives normally, while we torment ourselves with this hideous feeling. So... what can we do?
  15. What about the 4th of september at noon GMT -5. I'd guess that would be 11am for you? There are so many things that I would like to talk about with you since I want to reconnect with my spiritual side and in the past Buddhism has been the only way that I have been able to achieve it. However, I'd like to do something for all the people interested. I believe we could focus on the way we can implement the teachings of Buddha in our helping endeavors. What do you think Wendy?