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  1. Looking forward to see you all in our Zoom meeting with the great Career Coach @WendyShinyo at 12pm GMT -5





    1. WendyShinyo


      The time would be 5 PM GMT / UTC ... 1 PM Eastern Daylight ... 10 AM Pacific. I hope this helps. David and I have fun confusing each other with time zones 😉.  And since I was utterly confused, I thought this might help in case anyone gets as time stupid as I do!


    2. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      It was an amazing call!!  Thanks again David.  I am really looking forward to the next one!

  2. David

    Helping those you are closest to.

    They asked for help actually, but yea, it is frustrating
  3. David

    Helping those you are closest to.

    I have already many times coach my sister and her husband since I care for their future. She is younger than me and I feel kind of responsible for being "the voice of reason". Now, although they understand why I am saying and they see the point I am trying to make, there is no result whatsoever afterwards. There are no actions that change their situation and the complains remain, which is really frustrating for myself. So I can see that coaching our love ones can be a pain in the ass and also pretty unfulfilling. But this is mostly not because of them but because of our expectations about them and what they should do (according to us) to be better. It might have something to do with CONDITIONAL acceptance. Nevertheless, I would not close myself to coach a love one. Who knows.? Maybe, if I managed to see the person as an individual separated from myself, I will be able to be an aid for them.
  4. David

    Are you an Ambivert

    Thanks for the sharing @Margaret Doxey I have never seen it this way, but it actually fits in the way I behave sometimes. I might have to take a closer look into it. Although, it might be something that happen to all of us, one way of another. Aren't we all in this case Ambivert depending of the situation we find ourselves in?
  5. The Zoom Meeting about the MetaModel is starting now.

    Zoom ID:935-535-133

    See you there.

  6. I think that would be good, if you are ok with that, or we can just jump and see what happens 😛
  7. David


    Hate is one of the most powerful feelings that we can ever feel and also one of the most damaging ones. Long ago I heard that "Hate is like if you would drink a poison, with the expectation that the other person will die of it" (I hope I have translated it right ) For me this is the most accurate definition of hate. Many of us said that we have never felt hate for anyone else, but how often we have experience a similar feeling, where our stomach just burn thinking about someone and expecting that he/she feel bad for what they did to us, or at least they get some kind of punishment or evil? Well, maybe I am the only with a twisted mind, but I doubt it. The fact remains that this feeling take the best of the people, while the person we wish something bad will never know and they keep living their lives normally, while we torment ourselves with this hideous feeling. So... what can we do?
  8. What about the 4th of september at noon GMT -5. I'd guess that would be 11am for you? There are so many things that I would like to talk about with you since I want to reconnect with my spiritual side and in the past Buddhism has been the only way that I have been able to achieve it. However, I'd like to do something for all the people interested. I believe we could focus on the way we can implement the teachings of Buddha in our helping endeavors. What do you think Wendy?
  9. We could arrange something for the weekend or next week?
  10. Excellent. How about if we have a conversation on Friday and we decide what kind of topic we could share with the rest. I am pretty sure you have a lot of wisdom to share. BTW, I am in Colombia GMT -5 🙂 Where are you in the world?
  11. Thank you very much Wendy for your message, I would really love to have a chat with you about the teachings of buddha for our journey to become skilled and honest helpers.
  12. David

    Facebook Page share and get feedback

    Thanks a lot Ashley 🙂
    This zoom meeting is for everyone interested in share their experience, problems and doubts using one of the most important tools of NLP.
    By sharing our experiences we can will be able to improve our communications and create better connections.
    So let us try to find out what is missing, what is working and what we can do better.
    It is just a matter of practicing.
    See you there.
    Zoom ID:935-535-133
    1. Ashley Venzon

      Ashley Venzon

      When is this @David ?

    2. David


      hahaha My bad...

      Friday at noon GMT - 5

  14. Excellent video Karen. Been there, done that and it doesn't help. It is just about being who we actually are. But I believe you said it all already. Congrats 🙂
  15. The first time I could be real spiritual was the moment I wasn't into a religion. I might sound harsh but for me religion and spirituality have nothing in common. A religion is an institution outside of who I am, while spirituality comes from the inside of who we are. When you "peel off" the religions, you find the simple principles that Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha and many other spiritual leaders taught at their times, and those are actually the core of the spirituality. After that, there are just a bunch of rituals that almost never have anything to do with the way we can live our lives in a spiritual way. Spiritual for me is believing that we are part of something bigger that goes beyond ourselves, that we are powerful without limits and that that power comes from our core.