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  1. Great idea, I'll do a video and everyone can let me know if its ok before I go ahead. I completely agree with you all, I have a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis and when I was diagnosed I seemed to label myself with this condition and after time it seemed to take over. But I don't think it was the illness that was causing a problem, it was more my frame of mind. I was depending on pain medication and this made my life very restricted and I feel this caused more pain. I would still always tell anyone to talk to a doctor first when it comes to any illness, but with my first hand experience I have taken the label away and now free from medication and living the same life I had before I was diagnosed. I still have a condition but I see myself as a person first which I didn't before. Thank you guys for your messages and advise. I hope to hear more from you in the future
  2. Xander

    Response Rehearsal

    Today I went for lunch with some friends and family and I thought I would just sit and observe the chit chat. And see if I could just listen without my mind wandering and using response rehearsal. I found everyone at some point rushed to get their point across and the conversation was changing all of the time for no reason even when the end of the topic hadn’t been reached, I was exhausted by the time I left and I realised I also fell into this trap. This was extremely eye opening. I know after practise this will improve but has anyone got any tips or exercises we can try to improve our listening skills?? I am going to try this more and try to slow the conversation down and see if I can make us all listen
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    Thank you all, for your advise 😀
  4. Xander


    Who here takes our insurance and which are the best policies and companies to go with?
  5. I am thinking about giving a short talk to people with long term illnesses and how we all use labels. I don't want to offend anyone at the talk but probably will, but have any of you lovely people got any tips or stories which could help me try and open a few minds, I have learnt lots from Kain but I have lots of friends with long term illnesses including myself and since I have taken this label away, it has felt like a weight has lifted from my shoulders. And would like to pass this on.