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  1. I was just listening to a Tony Robbins podcast and he was being interviewed by a guy that had lots and lots of energy even more than Tony Robbins!!! The two men seems to bounce off each other and rather than being interviewed Tony seemed to stand back in the end and let the guy just talk. My question is can you have too much positivity and can lots of energy sometimes hide negativity? Have a nice weekend all x
  2. Xander

    Important lesson learnt

    I think it’s patience with others and most of all myself, learning to respect myself was a good lesson to learn as well Have a Happy Day 😀
  3. Good Day All I’ve just been asked a question ”what is the hardest lesson you’ve ever learnt?”
  4. Kain wrote on Facebook last about his excitement and that he couldn’t sleep, which made me try to think up new ways to calm the mind. Budda called mans mind “monkey brain” hopping from brunch to brunch, what’s the best way to calm the mind meditation or hypothesis??? Now I have “monkey brain”

  5. Xander

    Social events

    Great 👍
  6. I was wondering if there were any plans to have a social event or events, once or twice a year. I know the World Wide Web is great but meeting people sharing stories, tips and advise in person is still better in my opinion. I know it would be difficult for everyone to meet up because we are spread out across the world, but maybe different areas could hold an event. For instance I live in the south of the UK, so we could have an event in London. Its just an idea and thought I would put it out there for anyone’s input Happy Day everyone
  7. Live you dream not life’s nightmare 

    Happy Wednesday 

    I hope you all have a great a positive day

  8. Xander

    I Love you

    Thanks Nallie, I will check the book out
  9. Xander

    I Love you

    I’ve just been thinking about the whole love thing again, as I’ve been with partner for seven years yesterday and it got my mind racing with questions, like is Love made up with different emotions and responsibilities. I spoke to a friend a couple of weeks ago and he told me he had just lost his one year old daughter, I didn’t want to push him and ask the reasons why because I could see he was finding it difficult, but after a minute or two he said “ losing her has made me realise we give more love to the people we are responsible for and less love to the people who are responsible for us” this blew my mind, that at this time of sadness he was also looking for a understanding of why we love people differently. when we think of the people we love, be it parents, children or friends are there different levels of love? love to all
  10. Xander

    Negative News

    I love the negativity detox
  11. Xander

    I Love you

    Love you
  12. Xander

    I Love you

    Love is such a powerful word, it lifts our emotions when someone says “I love you”, but firstly we should love ourselves. This made me think about the times I’ve heard someone say “He/She loves themself” when the person is over confident. I personally feel I have always been confident, but didn’t really know myself and think it took me a while to learn about how to love or connect with myself, I did this with meditation and spending time to be friends with me. So do people who are over-confident really love themselves or is it a way to hide their insecurities? Have a lovely Wednesday guys and love yourself!!! p.s not in the rude way lol
  13. Xander

    I Love you

    I love you x
  14. I was thinking about this last night, I overheard someone say “love you” to there partner and the reply they got was “I wish you wouldn’t say that so much, it doesn’t mean anything if you say it all of the time!”, this got my mind ticking straight away. So if we say something too much it loses it meaning, is this correct? I call my mum every day and finish the call with “I love you” does this mean I don’t love her anymore, then I realised that I finish most of my telephone calls to friends and family with these 3 words, I know this is a habit as much as anything else, but I feel love comes in different forms and it should be shared if someone is there to except it. What are your views on the whole “I love you” thing? Happy Tuesday people Love you
  15. Xander

    Negative News

    Here’s something which is more positive than normal which is great, because this man has taken control of his life https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-44910438 Happy Monday