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  1. Graham Nicholls

    From suicide to success?

    Hey @Jenny Lahoud, it is indeed! I know, I’ve been there..... it’s not easy. It is, however, a worthwhile journey as that journey can be used as a learning curve on a road to helping and inspiring others to do the same. This became my focus and what kept me moving, even on those dark days.
  2. Graham Nicholls

    From suicide to success?

    Hi Jenny, Simply put, no it’s not that simple. ”mind power” alone will never achieve anything, opening a mind to new perspectives and learnings to grow beyond the initial situation is a great start but without deciding where to get to and taking action to get there, there is no movement. The old saying that knowledge is power is only partially correct, knowledge is only potential power, when combined with directed action the power is released.
  3. Do you have a morning routine that works for you? 

    How long does it take you to get out of bed after the alarm goes off?

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    2. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      @TinaSaxena Oh for sure I'm juggling too many things but would still like to find peace in the storm (if possible?)  lol


    3. TinaSaxena


      @Karen Armstrong Grounding and Silence. Cut out the fluff, the Eisenhower Matrix is a great tool 😉 I'm a Human Being not a Human Doing and if slow is my pace, that's great! Still waters run deep. I also take deep breaths and ask myself, in the end how much does this thingie matter? In infinity...?🤔

    4. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      Great advise!  I've used all of those but lately have not been consistent... If you don't have kids to look after how about you come to Canada and look after me??? 🤣❤️

  4. Graham Nicholls


    Great deep thinking question @Margaret Doxey The one key thing I am tolerating and I need to take action on is my health. I put it behind family and creating a future but there is no future without it. Right..... I’m on it right now!
  5. Graham Nicholls

    How would you define self confidence?

    In my younger years I had little to no self confidence and that followed through into my adult years. it wasn’t really until I came to the conclusion and understanding that self confidence is an emotion and like any emotion it has a pattern. Once that pattern is harnessed you can ‘use’ self confidence whenever you need. Consider, if you will, what physical associations you have to confidence..... how does someone with confidence hold themselves physically. Now think about where you would place your attention to feel confident, would you think about successes of the past and times when you were on top? What would you say to yourself if you were confident and how would you say it? What time would you use? Would the questions you are of yourself be positive, action driven and empowering ones? Finally, what meaning would you take from any situation if you were self confident? Would you take the meaning that you are good enough and can achieve anything? Put these 4 areas together and you have a pattern of emotion..... a pattern for confidence.
  6. Graham Nicholls

    The Difference between Coaching and Counselling

    Perfect..... I love it 🤣🤣
  7. For me the shift started when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and prescribed meds. It’s at that point I knew I needed a different way to live! The changes took time but that was the shifting point without doubt.
  8. Graham Nicholls

    Which website and branding?

    I have always used Wordpress and find it easy to use and update. Im not sure if the .com or .net etc is really that important. I use .co.uk and still visitors from around the world.
  9. Really interesting post Amanda, it’s certainly put me in reflective mood as well! - I found Life Coaching when I was searching for answers to help myself with Depression and Anxiety and it was my catalyst for change without doubt. - No particularly major changes I’d make as it’s bought me to where I am now and who I am now. - Keep learning and growing from as many sources possible so that when your client is there you have everything you need to help..... there’s no better feeling!
  10. Graham Nicholls

    Practice requires Participation

    Exactly Beth........ Now we just need to get everyone doing it 😁👌
  11. I have personal experience of this from both ends of the scale. Many years ago the management team I was working with decided they wanted to “manage out” someone as they weren’t performing to expected standards. Despite the fact that they weren’t in my department I found this absolutely awful behaviour. I stood up against them and asked if this person had been appropriately trained and managed in the first place but I got nowhere and decided to have nothing to do with it. The next thing I knew I was on the hit list and I left shortly afterwards as I had no intention of working for a business that ran like that. Yes, you could certainly call it cowardice and bullying and for me it is a sign of weak management and a complete lack of leadership. Businesses, even one person businesses such as a self employed coach, need leadership not management.
  12. I’d love to say all of them but if I had to choose just one......... Probably Mindfulness!
  13. Graham Nicholls

    Practice requires Participation

    It’s always been in my thoughts that we should all be awesome parents by now as we should look at how our parents were to us, model the good bits and change the bad. Imagine if we all did that! its certainly a path I’ve taken with my daughter (step-daughter technically) as I work to be the parent I never really had. Do I get it right all the time? Heck no! I just continue to work at it. As she grows And has children of her own I will encourage her to look at how her mum and I did as parents and work towards keeping the good and improving on the not so good. That is how we should be as human beings.
  14. Graham Nicholls

    Bullying and suicide prevention

    Great post @Stevemind, you are doing a great thing there sir and it is much needed in this world.
  15. Graham Nicholls

    Is responsibility scary?

    Ooooooo controversial Sir, Now that would be an interesting topic for discussion!