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  1. Is there a better feeling than seeing someone open up, take responsibility and effect their own change right in front of your eyes?

    So rewarding!

    Anything better anyone?

    1. Donnie "Coach" Hall

      Donnie "Coach" Hall

      Sorry Graham, you get no argument from me! 🖖😎❤️


  2. If you could right now, what value would you accept more of into your life?

  3. @Donnie "Coach" Hall I think your Cognitive Tower could come in very handy here sir! 🙂
  4. Graham Nicholls

    The Power of Affirmations

    Great post @Bernard Kates I prefer to call affirmations incantations because they, unfortuately, can work both ways.... they can be: in-CAN-tations or in-CANT-ations My negative 'affirmation' (or in-CANT-ation) was that I was a F.A.B. or fat, useless, b..... I think you know where that is going! These days it is something muh more useful, "I am strong, resilient, loving hisband and father who commits to joy, growth and contribution through living with integrity" Looking forward to reading others answers 🙂
  5. A new week and a new month............... so come on, tell the world......

    What are you going to achieve this week?

    What are you going to achieve this month?

    1. SamanthaDee


      Oh gosh it's October already!

      Well, this week;

      1. I've joined a choir, my first session tonight.
      2. Attend my first Triad session (get there on time, participate)
      3. I'm going to interview a local church vicar (Kain's homework)
      4. Strike up a convo with a complete stranger (Kain's homework)
      5. Finish twiddling with my business website.
      6. Starting Kain's Life Coaching course.
      7. Get some fire wood in!

      This Month:

      1. Finish Kain's Life Coaching course
      2. Take cats for vaccinations and checkups
      3. Turn the heating on
      4. Get my first paying client
      5. Make more progress with my second book.
    2. Evette Burnell

      Evette Burnell

      Well it’s half way through the month now and some of my initial goals have changed slightly, but some haven’t. So here goes. By end of this month I want to have submitted my last assignment for my counselling Diploma, have been getting distracted slightly, so need to press on and finish the final two, and Tarique and I will have hosted our first two CBT triads, so looking forward to those too. 😊👍

      Oh and continue growing my business and support group 👍

  6. Graham Nicholls

    How to gain a positive mindset

    Great post @Evette Burnell The 2 things I would add in are..... 1) in the self talk part that you mention I would add in asking the right questions. Our brains live to answer questions so if you ask positive, empowering, action driven questions you get appropriate answers and vice versa. 2) make gratitude a natural part of your life, when you can be grateful for the smallest of things and make that a part of your morning routine you change your day. 😁👌
  7. Graham Nicholls

    What Happened , Was It Something I Said?

    As always, a fantastic post @Margaret Doxey I focus on three things as a starting point to any coaching session, whether it be the 1st or 5th...... - Positive regard for my client, they are a human being and not the emotions and behaviours they exhibit or have exhibited and they desreve to be treated as such. - Understanding, I want to understand them and the reason they came to me at the deepest level so that I can uncover the real them and what is really going on, this is the only whay to effectively help them. - Presence, all clients deserve nothing less than 100% presence from me and that includes my congruence in every thing I do and word I say. When I show up in these 3 areas I show up for my clients and can therefore be the Practitoner they need me to be.
  8. Great post @Karen Armstrong, From my perspective............... in our society we are not taught to be present, we are bombarded with hundreds of things that need our attention and "multi-tasking" has become a buzzword and way of life. The problem with that being that if we are never 100% present then we can never 100% enjoy the moments in our lives that count. Presence is a skill that is particularly invaluable for us as Helping Practitioners and as such it is a skill that can be learned. When I am Coaching couples in a relationship, one of the key things I teach them and get them to practice on a regualr basis is being 100% present with each other........... would you be shocked to learn that when most people start practicing this they only manage between 2 and 5 minutes without breaking presence? As Helping Practitooners we must practice this to be effective with our clients, in fact I'd suggest that presence is one of the 3 key factors that they expect from us from the start. So to answer your questions.............. 1) Presence should be 100% at the appropriate moments, there are times when we do need to multi-task but only at appropriate times. 2) I'm present in the times I need to be, there are key times in life where presence is a must and those I work at each and every day. 3) Yes, in the past (and still sometimes now until I catch myself) I have accepted it....... I just do my best to be better day by day.
  9. My passion and drive comes from contributing to others outside of myself, from sharing and giving in order to help, to uplift or even just to raise a smile.

    I started to wonder if this is how passion is described....... is passion, in some way, connected to sharing or contributing to others or can it be just a passion held alone?

    Those with a passion for writing do so to share their musings with others, people with a passion for photograpy often love to share their images, a person who has a passion for creating music has a desire to have others hear and enjoy it.

    As Helping Practitioners of any description or title, we have a passion to offer our knowledge and skills as a service to others so that they might benefit from our unconditional positive regard, our presence and our understanding........... so that they might benefit from the space we offer them and create the life they want.

    I'm curious............. what's your passion?


    1. Evette Burnell

      Evette Burnell

      Great post Graham 👍

      My passion is creative writing and creating catchy phrasing with images. I’ve loved doing it for a while but only recently started involving it in my website and fb pages. Sharing this passion with others and getting messages of inspiration or information out there this way has been helpful to others and I’ve had people comment and a lot more interaction on my business page from sharing.

      So by combining my passion for helping people, with my creativity, I’ve had a lot more people connect with me. I think sharing something of yourself from an authentic place, people feel the love and care and feel what you can give to then in session too. 

  10. Graham Nicholls

    From suicide to success?

    Hey @Jenny Lahoud, it is indeed! I know, I’ve been there..... it’s not easy. It is, however, a worthwhile journey as that journey can be used as a learning curve on a road to helping and inspiring others to do the same. This became my focus and what kept me moving, even on those dark days.
  11. Graham Nicholls

    From suicide to success?

    Hi Jenny, Simply put, no it’s not that simple. ”mind power” alone will never achieve anything, opening a mind to new perspectives and learnings to grow beyond the initial situation is a great start but without deciding where to get to and taking action to get there, there is no movement. The old saying that knowledge is power is only partially correct, knowledge is only potential power, when combined with directed action the power is released.
  12. Do you have a morning routine that works for you? 

    How long does it take you to get out of bed after the alarm goes off?

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    2. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      @TinaSaxena Oh for sure I'm juggling too many things but would still like to find peace in the storm (if possible?)  lol


    3. TinaSaxena


      @Karen Armstrong Grounding and Silence. Cut out the fluff, the Eisenhower Matrix is a great tool 😉 I'm a Human Being not a Human Doing and if slow is my pace, that's great! Still waters run deep. I also take deep breaths and ask myself, in the end how much does this thingie matter? In infinity...?🤔

    4. Karen Armstrong

      Karen Armstrong

      Great advise!  I've used all of those but lately have not been consistent... If you don't have kids to look after how about you come to Canada and look after me??? 🤣❤️

  13. Graham Nicholls


    Great deep thinking question @Margaret Doxey The one key thing I am tolerating and I need to take action on is my health. I put it behind family and creating a future but there is no future without it. Right..... I’m on it right now!
  14. Graham Nicholls

    How would you define self confidence?

    In my younger years I had little to no self confidence and that followed through into my adult years. it wasn’t really until I came to the conclusion and understanding that self confidence is an emotion and like any emotion it has a pattern. Once that pattern is harnessed you can ‘use’ self confidence whenever you need. Consider, if you will, what physical associations you have to confidence..... how does someone with confidence hold themselves physically. Now think about where you would place your attention to feel confident, would you think about successes of the past and times when you were on top? What would you say to yourself if you were confident and how would you say it? What time would you use? Would the questions you are of yourself be positive, action driven and empowering ones? Finally, what meaning would you take from any situation if you were self confident? Would you take the meaning that you are good enough and can achieve anything? Put these 4 areas together and you have a pattern of emotion..... a pattern for confidence.
  15. Graham Nicholls

    The Difference between Coaching and Counselling

    Perfect..... I love it 🤣🤣