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  1. Graham Nicholls

    What draws you to the world of the Helping Practitioner?

    Thank you for sharing Andy, There is often a common theme among Helping Practitioners and that is that we want to change the world! Imagine if we all took a piece and gave it our all, the things we could achieve!!
  2. Happy Monday Everyone!

    There's a phrase that you've probably heard a few times "Where focus goes, energy flows"

    Where are your focus and energy going this week?

    1. Cheryl


      Happy Monday  Graham. Great point, thought provoking, thanks!

  3. Who keeps you accountable to the goals you set and the actions you agree to? I’m lucked enough to have 2 people in my life (aside from myself keeping me accountable of course!) that help keep me on the right track. First is my wife, she has this sixth sense for asking the right question or making the right point at a key time. She 100% believes in me and what I do and wants to see that belief realised. The other is my best friend, we see life in such similar terms that we like to catch up for a coffee every couple of weeks. This gives us time to nudge each other if we need it, to keep on the right path. Do you have someone like that in your life? If not and you’d like an accountability buddy why not comment below and get together with someone on here so you can work together on keeping each other accountable! Who’s up first?
  4. Do you take time to plan for the week ahead?

    I’m sat here for 15 minutes planning out my week..... it’s going to be a busy one 😁👌

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    2. Margaret Doxey

      Margaret Doxey

      That is what I use my Sundays for...I take the time to look over my schedules and of course track what I can track (as well as include in my digital planner) and leave room for other things to fill in the mix. This upcoming week will be very busy so not much wiggle room for me. The times i didn't take Sunday to do this I miss appointments or I double or even triple book myself...I learned. Sunday is my dedicated day to keep my week straight. :classic_biggrin:

    3. Theresa Reynolds

      Theresa Reynolds

      I do take some time on Sunday evenings to see what the week ahead may bring in terms of appointments and such, and also block time for things like Kain's courses, personal reading, volunteer efforts, steps toward goals, and family time. I am very protective of my time, so I am careful not to overbook evenings and weekends with things like meetings or to-do list items so that I can maintain as much balance in my life as possible. Doing so much better at this now than just 5-10 years ago. ☺️

    4. Vincent Richardson - Executive, Sales, Personal Development Coach

      Vincent Richardson - Executive, Sales, Personal Development Coach

      I have a monthly, weekly, and daily process for prioritizing and scheduling. Probably too much so for most, but I have so many logistics in my life that if I didn't keep track and revise constantly, I'd be forced to live with that feeling of something being forgotten constantly.

  5. Graham Nicholls

    What has Achology done well so far?

    Indeed they have sir, indeed they have 😁👌
  6. Graham Nicholls

    What has Achology done well so far?

    “We wanted to create a platform for those of you who want to engage in discussions that’s more grounded, ordered and structured than a Facebook page allowed” Well you certainly succeeded there! Yes, I may have commented that this is addictive (begs for forgiveness) and meant it in a completely positive way! The flow of the site is leading to a flow of discussions that will only continue to grow in quality and helpfulness. What you are aiming to achieve is phenomenal and what a starting point this is.
  7. Graham Nicholls

    The Big Five Personality Traits – can they change?

    @Cassian Hall, a psychometric test of helping practitioners would certainly be an interesting study over time. Plenty of people in this community have committed to growth and change so the effectiveness would be worth the time. I noted your thoughts on compassion, a topic I’m very interested in learning more about at the moment! It’s definitely a complex subject and seems to split people into seeing it as a strength or weakness!
  8. Graham Nicholls

    Psicotic people have good intentions?!

    Hi Sonia, The presuppositions are not meant to be steadfast rules, they are guidelines that help us to work with clients. Peoole have intentions for themselves and sometimes it doesn’t matter who gets in the way. The ‘good’ intention doesn’t have to be good for everyone! This is one of the most hotly discussed presuppositions when taken as a rule instead of a guideline or useful concept to help someone change.... but of course we should never suppose that everyone wants to change!
  9. Graham Nicholls

    What draws you to the world of the Helping Practitioner?

    Great share Gary, Thank you! I can see why you have moved into helping people with addictions, our own experiences always give us such valuable insights don’t they! 😁👌
  10. Graham Nicholls

    The 3 C's Of Coaching

    Great post @Stevie Mills, love the idea of Coaches incorporating these three C’s into the very core of how they work! I’ll answer your second question if I may and add another C to the list..... Curious As Coaches or Helping Practitioners we have to be curious about our clients, about their support network (family, friends etc.), about their emotions, their behaviours, their beliefs and values. Most of all we need to be curious about the deeper reasons for the ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ they have come to us for help with. There’s an old saying that states “Curiosity killed the cat” well I believe that curiosity also helps the person!
  11. Graham Nicholls

    Letters....behind the name...

    I don’t think so @DNatureofDTrain To be honest I never see letters after a name as a good indicator of competency. Someone who is only a week or a month out of university can put letters after their name but hey have little experience. The effectiveness of this community is the opportunity to practice and gain experience, confidence and competence in the areas Kain teaches in. This is what sets us up to be effective helpers. 😁👌
  12. Graham Nicholls

    Hobbies that are great for Mindfulness & Mediatation

    @Gary J Stearman, after my last comment on this you’ve had me thinking and while walking the dog this morning I came up with another answer..... walking the dog, or just walking to be honest. When I walk, with dog or without, I let my mind open up and just be in that moment of walking. I take in and enjoy the surroundings, experience breathing the air and tune into the sounds around me. For me this is a moment of peace 👌😁
  13. Graham Nicholls

    What draws you to the world of the Helping Practitioner?

    Thank you for sharing @DNatureofDTrain, I love the quote “I guess I will be directing trains of thought instead of trains” 😁👌
  14. It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in the UK, I've got my coffee and a book in front of me for an hours chill time before the day kicks off.

    How do you start your Sunday mornings?

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    2. Graham Nicholls

      Graham Nicholls

      Oh it’s been a few years since I visited a music festival @Sondra Turnbull But I remember them well.

      I'm currently reading The Compassionate Mind, well worth a read if you get a chance!

    3. Sondra Turnbull

      Sondra Turnbull

      My body's telling me that I should, perhaps, wait a few years until I do it again…

      The Compassionate Mind looks interesting. The title alone is one that appeals to me. Another addition to my TBR pile. Do you think we'll ever get to the end of our to be read piles? I hope not.

    4. Graham Nicholls

      Graham Nicholls

      I doubt at @Sondra Turnbull mine reading list gets longer not shorter 🤣

  15. Graham Nicholls

    What draws you to the world of the Helping Practitioner?

    Ok, I'll share first to get the ball rolling. I was diagnosed, many years ago, with depression, anxiety and stress all at the same time and the doctor (doing what doctors do) gave me a prescription for medication. I had no idea what these 'conditions' were, I mean I'd heard the words before but I had no idea what they actually meant. So, before I was going to go and get any tablets I wanted to know what was going on, I wanted to know what was 'wrong' with me other than just these 3 words that the doctor said to me. This set me on a journey of discovery that led to Life Coaching in its formative years, which led to NLP and various other modalities and I discovered that I could help myself without medication. Once I'd helped myself I knew I could help others so I learned as much as I could (and I keep learning to this day) and my life became about helping others. Et Voila..... a life in the Helping world was born. Who else is willing to get involved?