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  1. Its a great question though it would help to know more about why the client is stuck in the past. Perhaps an exploration of what in the past is holding their attention would open the way to move forward. Are they stuck because of a fear, or label , or previous real or perceived failure? Also focusing on action steps to move forward and being accountable for those might get the client moving forward.
  2. Mary

    I am stuck knowing I am stuck

    I try to "unstick" them by saying to them. "You know why you are stuck, what is going on?" if that doesn't work, and you get the I don't know answer, try "pretend that you do know, then what would the answer be?" That works sometimes. They do know what is going on, they are the only one who does!
  3. Mary

    Read any good books lately?

    Thanks for the suggestion, Sam, I'll look into it.
  4. I have found that often through small talk you can begin a values elicitation. Often what they choose to say and how they say it can open that door without doing a formal elicitation. You have to check back with your client to make sure what you heard is really what they meant, but you can learn a lot if you can be quiet and let them say it!
  5. Mary


    I try not to tell my sad story because the client is more interested in how I get help them help themselves out of the hole they ended up in. I think one of the most important things about finding a niche is to work in areas where you actually have experience.
  6. Mary

    The Compassionate Mind

    I think that positive regard is compassion with a step back. It allows you to work in the situation without being as entangled with the emotions and possibly attachment to the outcomes of the coaching. If a client isn't willing to take responsibility and make changes, being a step back makes it easy to see that we need to let that client go until they are ready to take responsibility.
  7. Mary

    Read any good books lately?

    I'm currently reading The Story Theater Method: Strategic Storytelling in Business. Very interesting book, lots of ideas for good public speaking. Just finished a book on Scrum earlier this week and how it can be applied outside of programming.