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  1. Gary J Stearman

    Method of Note taking during a session

    Hi Sue. I would think that using IPAD is fine, Just explain to the client in advance and ask their agreement, remember that digital notes may come under laws related to personal information. bu information, Like any notetaking, it can prove distracting to the client. 🀠
  2. Hi @ToniLee. Good to see you hereπŸ˜…

  3. Gary J Stearman

    The Coffee Lounge

    I cutting out coffee usually means the coffee. Goes. Stong black no 5 expresso laced with sugar. I'll cut it out.enough for about 10 pots. then its History😎
  4. Gary J Stearman

    CBT based Lifecoaching

    Hi Andy Thanks for your reply. Lack of motivation is usually caused by the delay option."ill do it later" or "tomorrow". Like getting up in the morning ,if you delay an think, it's quite likely you still be snoozing an hour later. The trick is to crack on with it.. "" i can start that project NOW. Everyone can stay dreaming. It's your choice to be one of them. 😊
  5. Gary J Stearman

    What has Achology done well so far?

    It has the makings of an excellent platform. I spent a few hours learning site navigation and can now flip round the site with ease. People are responding well and so far I'm very positive. I look forward to the next stage.πŸ˜…
  6. Hi Neil, a great question. As a coach you should be impartial leaving the client to make the decision themselves. Mentoring on the other hand can involve advice. Even so I try to let the client make their own choice, this is done by giving an example of somebody in a similar situation so they can see it from outside (one tactic there are many more) If the client makes their own conclusion you avoid the possibilities of complaints if things don't go their way. Whereas if you advise the scenario can arise when the client complains "you advised me of this ,it didn't work". Or similar. The nearest i get to advice is along the lines of " i suggest you carefully consider these options. Or i probably would act differently in your situation. Again leaving the client to make the final decision If however I saw the client was going to drop a clanger. And I was 100% sure is obviously say so.πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Gary J Stearman

    Letters....behind the name...

    Fantastically put Debby. Letters behind the name mean a high level of formal education has been achieved, that is recognisable by everybody. It should be recognised that onward training and experience are essential to complement this training. The Education is essential to open some doors in the respective professional field. Competence and success in a field are also possible, and very often people coming from backgrounds of personal experience can often perform better than those with professional credentials. Both types should respect the others. Both types also have negative performers 🀠
  8. Gary J Stearman

    Psicotic people have good intentions?!

    Great question Sonia. The statement is more for within the context of a counselling coaching relationship. It is essential that the practitioner stays non-judgemental to proceed. What one person sees as a bad intention isn't necessarily agreed upon by another. But sure, in society, some people know that they set out to do what is regarded as wrong by fellow society members. 🀠
  9. Hi @Evette Burnell must admit i had to look up the meaning, but would definitely agree that elcectic counselling is a progression. Multidisciplinary allows the practitioner to recognise concurrent areas that need attention. Therapy is now evolving at a high pace, the ability to recognise and deploy immediately must have benefits, the alternative of waiting till a stage has finished followed by a referral and wait is stone aged 😁
  10. Gary J Stearman

    Our Energy levels, Prana, Chi, Vital force

    Great to hear of you indulgence into the world of Chi. I believe i did previously comment about the placebo effect and energy, definitely connected to our will and Chi πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ
  11. Gary J Stearman

    How can I keep a good energy level throught the day?

    I find music essential at the start of the day, it diverts your thinking. I see you have many suggestions already, and am sure job centre work is extremely draining. I don't see diet mentioned but this could be something you look into. Simply adding a Chias seed supplement could help your energy levels but eating for nutrition today is becoming more essential. Hydration is mentioned but equally important.πŸ˜…
  12. @Graham Nichols mentioned he won the day yesterday, well its my honour today.

    You will notice it on your profile as Gold Silver or Bronze.

    You can also find it on the menu bar under leaderboard.and passed leaders.

    Have a great Sunday 😎


  13. Gary J Stearman

    What draws you to the world of the Helping Practitioner?

    Great subject as always Graham. I have always got carried away in what I do, now I know about addiction. Many years ago I would stop drinking, stop smoking, stop stop stop by anything that was getting out of control. I now know I was displaying signs of addiction at 16 years old. Mainly I use to replace the addiction, martial arts, the gym and bodybuilding, cycling, waterskiing. The number of replacements were endless but guess what I loved it, I had the best benders followed by endless fun. Until around 40 years old I didn't understand depression or in fact anxiety, they were extended hangovers that you endured, id read a book or 6 and feel ok id never minded being alone, so all was fine. I had some lousy air on a scuba dive leading around six students on, at 30 metres I nearly passed out, I signalled I had a problem and led the dive up finishing on someone else air as mine was depleted. Diving has a condition called nitrogen narcosis. Which is a little like being drunk. As soon as I dived to below 10 metres this became anxiety. This ended my diving career as it took the enjoyment out of diving. (I have dived since but career wise.) A few years on I noticed that a low mood would develop into what I learned was depression. Later this wall of blackness could hit in a period of 1 hour or less, id come back from the gym sit down and BANG I would not do anything but stay there. Well now i still occasionally drop in this manner but have learnt mainly how to control episodes. It is a daily watch. Anxiety is no problem other than diving where the drug like effect induces it. Addiction is closely monitored, and will have to be forever. Udemy military transitions introduced me to Kain Ramsey. I was never in the military but have been on many missionsπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
  14. Gary J Stearman

    Hobbies that are great for Mindfulness & Mediatation

    I did think of you walking the dog or generally the love of pets, as they are obviously absorbing. I use to have dogs but nowadays I have no garden and have to take allergy medication when around dogs longterm. Instead I take my cameras for a walk, walking certainly allows thinking and reflection, you can also try concentrating on breath as you walk or other methods. Walking meditation is widely practiced. And for many preferably to seatedπŸ˜†