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  1. From a traditional psychologist moving to practical and more openness has changed who I am and what I am offer. I recently moved from my home country and with the hope of bringing my learning and practice to a small Caribbean island. That has happened. My confidence in openly talking and being present in listening has opened doors with the minister of health and soon I'll be using CBT and recovery coaching in a wellness practice here in Grenada. Working with woman and children who have been abused and in the addiction space. My greatest success has been moving from being a helper or healer to empowering people to heal and help themselves through CBT and coaching.
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  3. Ear Acudetox Acudetox brings the experience of healing to a whole other level, wherein psycho-emotional concerns can be addressed through a unique ear acupuncture treatment. The treatment, developed in the South Bronx Lincoln Recovery Center, focuses on 5 ear-points. Originally developed to treat addiction (cleaning the liver and kidney), practitioners later discovered that the protocol has benefits to behavioral health in treating symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as disaster and emotional trauma. It works best for hypertension, muscle soreness, shortness of breath, high cholesterol, anxiety, and overall low mood. Since introducing acudetox into my practice, the results and positive outcomes have been amazing. Acudetox works well in conjuction to other therapies. CBT... RECOVERY Coaching and Psychology.
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