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  1. samtwizle

    Whats in a Logo?

    I had mine done through an acquaintance. I think the general rule is that if you feel like you lack the graphical competence (I am included in this category), then better to get someone to do it for you, even if it is a simple design. After all, your logo is a representation of yourself. I was certainly happy with the one that I got. Hope you work something out.
  2. So if you have been following any news outlets in the past year, then I'm sure by now you will have encountered Dr Jordan Peterson. He is the Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and rose to prominence in his public rebuttal of the Canadian Bill C-16; which legally mandated the use of personally preferred pronouns (a first of its kind legislation in the history of English Common Law). My purpose in bringing him into the discussion however, is not to discuss the political implications of his stance but rather what it has done for the world of Psychology and how it can inadvertently benefit the Achology platform. Whatever your personal stance on Dr Peterson, one thing that is indisputable is the interest that he has fostered towards Psychology (particular amongst the youth). His talks on a Psychological Understanding of the Biblical Stories and University lecturers have garnered millions of views and his best-selling book "12 Rules for Life" knocked out Michael Wolff's "Fire & Fury" as the No.1 best-seller. If that is not a clear indication that people are becoming fascinated by the world of Psychology and the pursuit of meaning, then I don't know what is. In a recent talk, Dr Peterson talked about how he believed Psychology was seriously underestimating the transformative power of online learning platforms, going so far as to say that they could potentially offer just as much, if not more, targeted and specific value to students seeking out these courses. I know that he and several other professors are currently working on a online University system that would specify in the area of critical writing/reading/speaking. Given the current interest in Psychology, how do you think the Achology platform could be capitalising on this interest and drawing other potential users to the platform? P.S. For those unfamiliar with Dr Peterson or why he commands such attention in the public eye, I will link to an interview below which was what sprung him unto the world stage:
  3. samtwizle

    Are You Embracing Neuromarketing?

    The 2nd part of this Introductory series is now live on the platform. A 15min video on 'The Reciprocity Factor'. You can view it here, let me know your thoughts & perspectives:
  4. Hey Sam, the mod team are just reviewing your video and considering a new area for the series. Will be in touch soon.


  5. samtwizle

    We Don't Need Permission to Grow!

    Great topic! Answer 1) This week, I have just added another 'wing' to my services with one of the Digital Agencies that I work with in Columbus, OHIO. The founder of the business has always asked me for advice in how they brand their services and how they connect with their clients. So this week when he called, I said, "why don't I just handle all the branding of your clients?", to which he said yes. Now I am responsible for the branding strategies of the 97 businesses that we work with. Answer 2) I think for me, making decisions from a place of inner peace is certainly a challenge as I am self-admittedly impulsive by nature. I definitely have a weakness to view every opportunity as a right opportunity and jump headfirst into a situation which in the end may require far more of my resources than I was wanting to give. This is absolutely an area that I am working on!
  6. samtwizle

    Who Are You Being As A Coach?

    I think that is a great perspective Steve! It definitely places a degree of responsibility upon us for 'how' we say things and not just the content of 'what' we say. In relation to this, I have often found it helps to reveal details slowly; the more you share, the more potential you have for conflict (this is not a universal truth, simply an observation). For example, I remember being on a plane once making small talk with the passenger next to me and I mentioned that I was a missionary (in a past life that is indeed what I did), the conversation immediately shut down; I imagine due to past experiences in her life, she had a great distrust and suspicion towards those in religious vocations. Me mentioning that I was a missionary had just injected a new element into the 'space' which had the reverse effect of what I was intending. Now compare that previous experience to a more recent experience I had (again on a plane), this time I spent the great majority of the time listening to what the other person had to say before they got self-conscious at the amount they were talking and then asked me about my life. Although I am no longer a missionary (and even when I was, categorisation has always been a challenge as I was never a missionary in the commonly understood sense) it was never the less an important phase in my life in effecting where I am at now so naturally I mentioned it. This time, that detail of my life produced the exact opposite reaction of my first experience; that being their reaction of fascination, intrigue and genuine engagement. So now, I try and take the approach of not revealing too much about myself until the other person has shared enough that they have an actual investment in the conversation thereby making them feel valued, understood and giving them the sense that they're on a journey of discovery.
  7. Absolutely, I think it's exactly that kind of cognitive guidance that I feel my generation sorely missed out on!
  8. I take it from the perspective that the first thing to acknowledge is that the 'wall' that you are leaning against is never an external entity. I have found that many people are looking for a wall to lean against, they look to something outside of themselves as the basis of support to lean their 'ladder' (efforts) against. But as you noted yourself, the wall to which we lean represents the values to which we dedicate our efforts; therefore, the 'wall' has and will always be something within us. Therefore, I like to help people by 'building their own wall', I often find that symbolising internal realities helps people digest and process through the inner-workings of their own subconscious. What I do is to ask them to mentally build the wall to which they would be proud to lean their 'ladder' (efforts) against. The wall will look different for each person; integrity, social impact, wealth, family time etc. I like to ask them to build the wall out of their three highest values (the brick, mortar and sand of their value system). Once they have identified what these primary 3 values are, they can then begin to assess their current work and life commitments in relation to 'their wall', to the degree that their current efforts are leaned towards their 3 highest virtues, I encourage them to continue. When they find that their ladder is leaned towards a wall that is not constructed of their 3 highest values, I suggest that they re-assess where they believe their ladder (their efforts) is leaning towards. Some will seek an existing business/organisation that represents their values to lean their efforts towards instead, others decide that it is time they physically built that wall themselves (entrepreneurial). Whatever the ultimate decision, what becomes crystal clear is that there can be no notion of achievement outside of a value structure.
  9. You make a really good point there Gary. In the world of open access, the consumer is King. You can definitely see how the competition has led to fantastic opportunities for the client; being offered incentives free of charge that no one would have even dreamed of 15yrs ago. I think what this means (which I think is one of the manifestations of economic 'Unscaling') is that we will see a hierarchical shake up within the small business world in which competency is the currency which moves you up the scale. This will be fantastic for the client, meaning that they are more likely to get very skilled and competent coaches who have outlasted the inexperience of several others. For those coaches who are new to the business and only just starting out (me for example), it means that we will certainly have to work a lot harder and longer in order to 'win' those clients. It's certainly a challenge...but I've never been known to back down from them haha
  10. That sounds really exciting, looking forward to seeing the creative ideas that are being infused within this platform!
  11. One thing I would say about that is although FB groups often work well for product/interest based discussions, I would imagine that most coaching/therapy clients wouldn't be too comfortable joining a FB group like that. There are a number of reasons for this; one being that, apart from the fact they all have you as a coach, they most likely don't have much else in common, two, it's possible that such a group would have the adverse effect of closing them up as they wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable sharing personal information.
  12. samtwizle


    That was a fantastic talk! I have definitely felt the clash of cultures having lived for a few years in Mexico and given that I am the British son of a former military father. Needless to say, the understanding of time-keeping was definitely different haha. @David I didn't realise that you were the one who will be doing some of the courses in Spanish! That's awesome! I'm going to be really working hard to maintain my Spanish fluency when I move back to Edinburgh next month.
  13. @Soniacrafts I recent goal for me was being enrolled in the University of Edinburgh. Not only is it a very rigorous and difficult institution to enrol in, but I've had to do the entire application from 6,000 miles away due to prior work commitments in Mexico. I've had to organise Skype interviews and electronic testing but 2 weeks ago, I finally received my application acceptance notification. The whole experience definitely taught me the value of perseverance and that there truly isn't much that is unattainable when you mentally process the size of the task into small, daily achievable steps.
  14. Great to have you with us! And I really dig the username 😂😂