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  1. Welcome to the community Toni Lee

    Great to have you aboard the Achology revolution.

    Dive right in, especially the initiatives section.

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  2. Stevie Mills

    The 3 C's Of Coaching

    The first C is CONNECTION; The Second C is COMMUNICATION, And lastly, the 3rd C is for CARING; Connection As Coaches or practitioners, we have a choice of 2 goals when it comes to our relationship with our children and this is- do we preserve Connection or promote Disconnection. When we are fully available, paying attention and genuinely listening to what they are saying, they will feel heard and trust and rapport will be built instantly. Communication How we communicate with our clients is very important, 1. Awareness-Be aware of what you are saying? is it promoting connection, is it right, is it going to encourage your client and is it going to have a positive impact on her confidence? Think before you speak, pause, don't react but instead make a well-considered response that will improve your communications and ultimately your relationship. 2. Encouragement-We can never encourage our clients enough, the more we tell them they are good enough, you are courageous, confident, well done the better they will respond to you, and they will grow and thrive to become more for themselves and others around them. 3. Seek to understand your client -As a coach, we often want to be understood before we take the time to listen and understand our client first. We get this by paying complete attention and listening to what is being said? Will not only help us connect more but will help us to become what they need us to be for them. Caring Clients need to know we care, through prioritizing connection and how we communicate this by completely paying attention and actively listening, allowing silence, giving space and taking a genuine interest in someone. Dr Ivan Misner once said, "People don't care how much you know unless they know how much you care." Making all of the above C's a priority over what techniques we use with our clients has much more impact and helps you gain much more creditability as a coach. Questions for self-reflection- Qu1) How have you experienced the above concepts? What impact did it make on you? Qu2) What principals or concepts could we add that would compliment the above 3 C's?
  3. Happy Birthday, Carol, hope you have a great day. 🎂

  4. Happy Birthday Sam, hope you have a great day 👍🎂

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      Thanks Stevie, I appreciate it!

  5. Stevie Mills

    Keeping you eyes in the present.

    Great question David, I would ask more empowering questions that will focus on the now and be going forward, for example Qu1) What do you need that you feel is missing today? Qu2) In what area of your life do you need a shift of perspective? Qu3) What do you want more off in your life? Qu4) What are the next practical steps to getting what you want for your life? these questions will help move away from the past and focus more on the now and moving forward.😀
  6. Stevie Mills

    Are there unlimited types of life coaching?

    Hey, there are no rules with life coaching, I guess it comes down to niche, the more coaches that are creative and unique with their niche the better they will attract the right people for them, essentially building their own tribe. 4 questions I encourage aspiring coaches to ask themselves is:- Qu1) What breaks your heart the most in society today? Qu2) What areas in your life have you overcome and can relate to with others the most? Qu3) Who can you guide, impact and support the most based on your experiences? Qu4) How could help meet a need or solve a problem in society today? Hope these questions help 👍
  7. Stevie Mills

    Training Triad Forum Introduction

    Welcome to the community, Theresa, Triad events will be coming very soon, please keep checking training triads forum under initiatives, look forward to seeing you on one of these events soon. Stevie👍
  8. Stevie Mills

    Whats The Greatest Question You Have Been Asked?

    Another good question to start a breakthrough session with is:- Qu) What area of your life do you need a shift of perspective in? This is a more empowering question than asking What is the problem? or Whats the limitation? often seen as disempowering.
  9. Stevie Mills

    Read any good books lately?

    Some great book recommendations in this thread, I am currently reading 'The Whole-Brain Child' by Dr Daniel J. Siegel and Dr Tina Payne Bryson, great book for any parents out there
  10. Stevie Mills

    Triads Explained

    A group discussion on explaining what triad sessions are and how they work
  11. In this video, Stevie Mills and Misty Flanaghan co-hosts a triad coaching practice-breakthrough session, in, you will see a quick demonstration of a breakthrough session using chunking up and chunking down questions, also a brief description of how to conduct a breakthrough session. This is a great example of a triads event as part of the initiatives.
  12. In this video, Stevie Mills from Scotland and Vincent Farirayi from South Africa discuss the process of mentoring, what is mentoring? how important and valuable can the mentoring relationship be for us new aspiring coaches? Also, discussed and unpacked is the key attributes and core skills that are important for a mentoring relationship to be effective, one that will help and support the mentee to thrive.
  13. Not sure if you need an accountability buddy, or even what they are? Here is an open discussion around what they can be and why they are awesome!
  14. One of the greatest tools we have as a coach or practitioner is to ask great questions that help establish their truths and this, in turn, gives them clarity. I have been asked many questions in my time that have challenged me, but two of the best questions I have been asked is For 'What Purpose?' and 'How Specifically?' These questions are known as chunking up and down in NLP terms, but I find these great questions to really get someone thinking and bring clarity very quickly, cutting through the crap in the process. Qu1) What's the greatest question you have been asked? And why? Qu2) What question do you use as a coach that is your most effective?