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  1. Hey Alessandro, hope you are well, i tried to send you message back a few days back about connecting on zoom, i can't seem to get you on Facebook now. If you still want to connect let me know.


    1. alessandro


      ooiii Stevie, thanks a lot for reaching out. I deleted my fb account. Nothing personal of course, I just hate the invasiveness and addiction that fb brings with it. I prefer to interact here. Feel free to contact me

      - email: montalto.alessandro@gmail.com

      - whatsapp/telegram: +32 493 713522

      looking forward to talking to you 🙂 ciaooo

    2. Stevie Mills

      Stevie Mills

      Hey thats cool, I understand where you are coming from, cool will drop you an email.

  2. Stevie Mills

    New Achology courses

    Hey Jenny, Yes the Fundamentals of the skilled helper with Kain and Gerard Egan isn't available as yet, it will be released soon, but yes it will be a surprise, all we ask a little patience here. Regards Stevie
  3. Love the shield with star you've got on your profile!😉😎 Looks smashing!

    1. Stevie Mills

      Stevie Mills

      Why thank you Tina, your points have certainly rocketed up, you must be at the top of the leaderboard😀

    2. TinaSaxena


      .... doing what I do best, brick by brick, step by step, constructing dreams, nurturing souls, including myself. Thank you and blessings.☺

  4. I asked Achology member @AmandaHarridge recently. Do you operate from the river, or are you operating within the canal? @AmandaHarridge replied with this fantastic piece of writing:- To be honest, this statement somewhat amused me initially, but it similarly left me in a state of deep reflection - it was unquestionably, a powerful and skilled observation - one which I’m grateful to have received. A simple and profound truth proposed to a current over thinker. I shall elaborate. You see running as a river, you are natural, flowing without constraint, without fear, quite simply ‘going with the flow’. You know your direction, you accept without question the different terrains, whether smooth, dangerous or challenging, the different climes, whether subjected to heat from the sun or raging storms. As a river, you don’t have to be conscious of your route because you accept that, rather beautifully, your path is as it should be - your route is unassuming and predefined, carved in the rock beneath you and therefore present, confident. You are a natural element hence you don’t need to consider your form, your strength, your speed, your impact or indeed how others view you - you just ‘are’ and you just do what you know to be true, your purpose.. And what of the canal?! The canal is the same, in essence – i.e. a natural element - water. However, its path is constrained – somewhat unfairly and unsympathetically, manmade. The water is forced back and so flows less naturally, less sure of itself. No doubt its path is predefined, and it could be said that it may even be more greatly protected from the climes, the angry sun and the thrashing rain, in contrast to the river. However, just what if the canal could flow like the river – in its most natural and honest environment? If it could just break down the barriers and flow without thought and self-judgement – in its truest form, following its truest purpose? Well, I think, that would be amazing. So, now I sit here, reflect and make promise, a commitment to slowly and deliberately break down those canal walls. To stop overthinking the path ahead and quite simply to let it flow, straight from the heart, like the flow of the river. Because, unfazed by different terrains, the challenge of different climes – I recognise that they are as entwined into this life, as the river bed is through the rock. I think you will all agree here, Amanda's Reflection is so profound. Qu) Where are you currently operating more from? Qu) What change of your perspective is needed to operate more from the river?
  5. Happy happy happy birthday blessings 😇 to one of my favourite Scots, honoured friend and heart centered mentor😎

    1. Stevie Mills

      Stevie Mills

      Thank you so much Tina, much appreciated. Less of the favourite Scot haha, maybe second favourite after Kain haha👍

    2. TinaSaxena


      One of, I said, I happen to have approximately😎 3 favourites!😉

  6. Stevie Mills

    Mindfulness Master Course: Extra Reading

    There was the first book club event just yesterday, it may be a good idea to touch base with @Nina and @Beth Gray to find out if they are running another event.
  7. Hey community, hope all is well, I am in a very reflective mood this week. In this journey as a coach, mentor or practitioner, we make mistakes and messes at times. We fail not always finally and utterly, but sometimes miserably and tragically. We do this even with the best of intentions. Hey, I have made mistakes and sometimes a mess in the last couple of weeks and learned some hard lessons. I use this an opportunity to grow and learn from these messes and do my best to tidy them up. We are all imperfect, and that is ok, sometimes just giving ourselves grace and learning from the mess we make at times can help us see a different perspective. Now failure is something we can't avoid at times in life; I guess What we need isn't hope that we can somehow prevent failure; instead, we need hope that failure isn't life or death. As a coach or practitioner, it isn't trying never to make a mess, it is learning from the mess we make at times and taking responsibility and growing, and if we need to change through this, then so be it. The beauty of the journey as a coach or practitioner is that along the way, we learn and develop from the mistakes we make, and we can become free from the fear of failure and start to run after the vision for our life. Qu) What will you do more off knowing that you can not fail? Qu) What mess have you made recently that has helped you grow and change your perspective?
  8. Happy Birthday Sondra hope you have a great day

    1. Sondra Turnbull

      Sondra Turnbull

      Thanks sweetheart! I did have a good day. I've been head down in book manuscripts and haven't visited Achology for over a week!

  9. Happy Birthday Coach Hall, hope you have a good birthday, catch up very soon

    1. Donnie "Coach" Hall

      Donnie "Coach" Hall

      Thank you Stevie! I did have a great day, actually a superb weekend including the whole of this week as far. I feel the love from all corners of the globe. Yes indeed we will have a nice chat ASAP. 

  10. Happy birthday hope you have a great day👍🎂

  11. I hear a lot of coaches & Practitioners say I am rubbish at managing my time; I get easily distracted and sidetracked and lose focus. What If we were to learn to manage our attention rather than our time, would managing our time still be an issue. So much of our time can be wasted when our attention isn’t focused. So would this mean our problem is attention deficit, not time deficit? So what if we use our time to serve our attention instead of trying to find time for what requires our attention. Qu) How would this change your perspective of time management? Qu) What area are of your life are you paying attention to the most? Is it serving you and helping you move forward and get ahead or holding you back(honestly)?
  12. Good coaches or mentors know their limits and celebrate and promote others who don't have their limits. Insecure coaches or practitioners feel compelled to pretend to be more competent than they are at times. It's always better to appreciate each other's strengths rather than feel threatened by them and pretend that you’re just as competent. Insecurity is hard for us to follow and competency is about staying in our lanes. Our insecurity erodes whatever competency we have, being secure in our approach to coaching and mentoring from our strength areas will help us to help others more effectively. Q) Honestly, What area of you are life are you pretending to be competent at? How is this impacting your role as a skilled helper? Q) What skill or character trait could you become more competent in and practice that will help you to grow and be a more effective as a coach or practitioner?
  13. It can be a gift if someone doesn't agree with you, as this can open the door or window to see life through their lens. This may well give you insight that you may never have been able to access before. Allowing you to grow or see things differently. More often than not we can be closed to other people's perspective or we can get rigid in our perspective that we miss an opportunity to learn a new perspective and gain a potential aha moment. Checking our perspective can become a wise habit to create daily as this allows us to open our minds and appreciate difference and other peoples point of view. Questions for self-reflection How do you invest in your perspective? How often do you check your perspective?
  14. Stevie Mills

    Achology Community News & Updates

    Great video editing skills Toni-lee, I like what you did with it
  15. Stevie Mills

    In Need of Some Advice Please

    Hey Shannon, Hope you are well, as Graham as mentioned I have worked with guys with a military background in the past, however not my main focus at the moment. First of all, I agree with @Dr. Tarique Sani trust yourself, follow the standard of are they open, appreciative and receptive to making the changes in their life. You mentioned hey suffered from PTSD from time to time, the question is when is the time he doesn't have it? What is that like? I would tend to steer them away from this label and not validate this PTSD label and help focus on who he is? focusing on the values that this person holds. Constantly moving away from the past and focusing what he wants based on the values he holds close to his heart. I would treat this client the same as any other, remain consistent and don't get bogged down in the war stories too much, focus on helping them with a vision or purpose for their future. The question is does he just want to feel better or become better? I would question his desire to change, is it bigger than staying the same. The fact he is waiting 2 months, seems it is not a priority. Kain also has a free course for military personnel on udemy, if I can find the link I will post it here, this may help you get a better understanding of military personnel. Hope this helps Stevie