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  1. Happy birthday hope you have a great day👍🎂

  2. I hear a lot of coaches & Practitioners say I am rubbish at managing my time; I get easily distracted and sidetracked and lose focus. What If we were to learn to manage our attention rather than our time, would managing our time still be an issue. So much of our time can be wasted when our attention isn’t focused. So would this mean our problem is attention deficit, not time deficit? So what if we use our time to serve our attention instead of trying to find time for what requires our attention. Qu) How would this change your perspective of time management? Qu) What area are of your life are you paying attention to the most? Is it serving you and helping you move forward and get ahead or holding you back(honestly)?
  3. Good coaches or mentors know their limits and celebrate and promote others who don't have their limits. Insecure coaches or practitioners feel compelled to pretend to be more competent than they are at times. It's always better to appreciate each other's strengths rather than feel threatened by them and pretend that you’re just as competent. Insecurity is hard for us to follow and competency is about staying in our lanes. Our insecurity erodes whatever competency we have, being secure in our approach to coaching and mentoring from our strength areas will help us to help others more effectively. Q) Honestly, What area of you are life are you pretending to be competent at? How is this impacting your role as a skilled helper? Q) What skill or character trait could you become more competent in and practice that will help you to grow and be a more effective as a coach or practitioner?
  4. It can be a gift if someone doesn't agree with you, as this can open the door or window to see life through their lens. This may well give you insight that you may never have been able to access before. Allowing you to grow or see things differently. More often than not we can be closed to other people's perspective or we can get rigid in our perspective that we miss an opportunity to learn a new perspective and gain a potential aha moment. Checking our perspective can become a wise habit to create daily as this allows us to open our minds and appreciate difference and other peoples point of view. Questions for self-reflection How do you invest in your perspective? How often do you check your perspective?
  5. Stevie Mills

    Achology Community News & Updates

    Great video editing skills Toni-lee, I like what you did with it
  6. Stevie Mills

    In Need of Some Advice Please

    Hey Shannon, Hope you are well, as Graham as mentioned I have worked with guys with a military background in the past, however not my main focus at the moment. First of all, I agree with @Dr. Tarique Sani trust yourself, follow the standard of are they open, appreciative and receptive to making the changes in their life. You mentioned hey suffered from PTSD from time to time, the question is when is the time he doesn't have it? What is that like? I would tend to steer them away from this label and not validate this PTSD label and help focus on who he is? focusing on the values that this person holds. Constantly moving away from the past and focusing what he wants based on the values he holds close to his heart. I would treat this client the same as any other, remain consistent and don't get bogged down in the war stories too much, focus on helping them with a vision or purpose for their future. The question is does he just want to feel better or become better? I would question his desire to change, is it bigger than staying the same. The fact he is waiting 2 months, seems it is not a priority. Kain also has a free course for military personnel on udemy, if I can find the link I will post it here, this may help you get a better understanding of military personnel. Hope this helps Stevie
  7. Stevie Mills

    Silencing the Monkey Mind Challenge_Day1

    Great initiative Tina, very well communicated
  8. Stevie Mills

    Fear: To protect and to restrain.

    Thank you for your kind words, I am happy to help where I can. You are doing the rest now, I am really looking forward to watching you grow and be more of yourself. You are more than capable to be as inspiring as me if not more, never underestimate the value you can add to other peoples lives.
  9. Stevie Mills

    Fear: To protect and to restrain.

    Great post @Michelle Wiseman, well done you for putting it out there, well written. @Graham Nicholls that was the very first book I read on my personal development journey, great read. My biggest fear is that I can actually succeed as a coach and mentor and make a business of it. Recently I have started getting better and overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera again, especially doing Achology talks with Kain. The best way to overcome any fear is literally just to go for it, take small action steps, step out our comfort zone and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  10. Thank you for hosting such wonderful triad tonight! I am grateful to (you) have been able to participate in it!

    1. Stevie Mills

      Stevie Mills

      Your welcome Natascha, glad you enjoyed it, look forward to seeing you at more triads

    2. Natascha at Compas Coaching

      Natascha at Compas Coaching

      It was my second times as a client. Both time the subject was : life vision. But they were two very different experiences for me, both very insightfull and i learned a lot!


  11. Stevie Mills

    How is trust built in your relationships?

    Great response Vincent, love the 3 ingredients of deepening trust and yes being open and self-disclosure where relevant is key to building trust too.
  12. Trust is a big word in today's culture, I like this quote from Warren Buffett-'Trust is like the air we breathe when it's present, nobody really notices; when it's absent, everybody notices. How true is this, how often do you hear people say I don't trust them versus I trust that them. Trust in my experience comes when people show they are not perfect and take responsibility for when they have done wrong or mistakes made and are authentic and not when they are trying to get it right for us, trying to deceive us with what we want to hear or even be our guru in extreme situations. How do you go about developing trust with your clients? Whats your thoughts on the above concept?
  13. Yesterday I had the privilege of spending time with Achology HQ and the team, it was so inspiring and empowering to spend a day with creative people with a shared vision and same values as I have, an environment with openness, trust and space I can be myself. In life, we often stay in relationships because we have the same interests or hobbies or for circumstantial reasons like they are family or work colleagues, but may not share our values or a vision we have for our future. This can be draining, boring and disempowering. When we have a shared vision and values for life it can mean more and in turn lead to a better connection, feel like family, more fulfilling, authentic and energising. I once heard a saying, can't remember who it was, anyway it was'The 5 people you spend the most time with you become' Questions for self reflection-How true is the above statement for you? How many people in your life share your values and the vision you have for your life? What does that connection look like for you?
  14. Stevie Mills

    empowerment comes via responsability

    This is a very good term, from my perspective this where people or our clients need to take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, how they react to others, solving their own problems, their relationships or in other words 'their own shit' then they will never be empowered to change, grow and become solution focused. This is where we empower others to take responsibility and guide them to solve their own problems and become better rather than be disempowered and focusing own their own feelings.
  15. Hey Donnie, great response as always, you really put a lot of effort into your comments and posts for that I am grateful for your input. Also glad I have helped you with your working model, I do my best with my questions haha.👍