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  1. Hi and welcome to Achology. Hope your holiday went well...looking forward to seeing you in the discussion here soon,. 

  2. @Evette Burnellabsolutely...We will definitely be catching up with each other for a session. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook and we can arrange for a session through messenger. 😃
  3. Margaret Doxey

    How can I keep a good energy level throught the day?

    @Soniacrafts music is a great therapy...If you want to be full of energy pick music with faster rhythm . I use a workout playlist to bring my energy level up.
  4. @Evette BurnellThat is such a profound statement that needs to be in every practice..We meet the needs of the client (patient)not they meet our needs.
  5. Margaret Doxey

    Social Media Marketing

    I have to say @LesleyHardy when I first doing my Facebook lives it was pushed by a challenge, Then once I pushed out of my comfort zone this became so much easier. What I wasn't realizing was this was yet another way to give value for free, help brand me and create my social presence. Being able to show my followers including those who only watch and don't comment or like, that I am consistent , I do show up and I give them some form of value every day. I almost gave up because people kept asking me "Why are you doing this?" "What's the reason?" "It is just noise"..you get the idea. But when you have people message you thanking you for your message that day...or they reach out to you to thank you for being yourself that makes it so worth while. Sure it also doesn't hurt getting a few paying clients as well...LOL But when I look at the statics of the amount of people I reach from these videos and the amount of views I get, I know the message is getting out there.(Last week my posts reached 3.5k of people)I know to someone it makes a difference...So I realized those who make the negative complaints are just those who are afraid to put themselves out there, it is their own fear that stops them. I am not taking onboard their fear, I have enough of my own to push out of the way . LOL
  6. @Evette BurnellI am curious as to what is the reward you get from it?? That last cigarette...the holding on to something. Sounds like the it is more of a symbolism than an actual need. But if you ever want to dig it out and find out what, grab hold of a coach and start working through the process. You may want to go through a breakthrough session and uncover this even??!! I would be happy to work with you, but I wouldn't be available to do so until the week of the 23 if you are interested. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to work this out.
  7. I have to say I absolutely love the idea of eclectic counselling. I know even in my coaching I don't have a one size fits all for clients,I treat each one on the individual basis. I don't have a checklist I go by, some I can just coach, some I may need a bit more tools like CBT or I need to include Mindfulness or Hypnosis...I may even need to add EFT...or any other modalities I have trained in. I am open to use whatever is the best healing modality for my client or mixture of. My foster son had a counselor who was very rigid and a by the book kind of lady. This young boy didn't receive any benefit at all from this woman, when I sought to get him another one, this new woman was definitely more open to ideas and listening to him and really went outside the box, and I must say major changes then occurred for this sweet boy. The counselor was open to new ways and thinking outside the box, where the other counselor was so rigid in the process and thinking that they were wanting to just medicate this young child because he was not responding to treatment and that was put in his records as well. Funny thing was he did respond when the treatment met HIS need. SO I say 100% I believe eclectic counseling is the way forward.
  8. Margaret Doxey

    Show your business cards please!

    @Dr. Tarique SaniI have to say I don't use business card, nowadays most people I connect with is via social media. I try to be sure my pages are in order and I have a clear way for people to connect with me via online. Most people when want to research who you are before they connect with you. Even if I get a business card from someone, I immediately check Facebook and see where they are there. How does their page look, do they have reviews,is there a way for me to get an idea of their personality?..etc. So Facebook essentially has become the new business card in my opinion.
  9. Margaret Doxey

    What we stop doing can be as impactful as what we are doing

    @DNatureofDTrain I went through that for awhile as well. I can say I have noticed when I am in people pleasing mode, I try to correct that quickly. Sometimes too, what people project on to us is their own fears and insecurities. Maybe because they don't have a clear picture of what you are doing. Can I let you in on something? They don't have to be clear on your picture(vision), you do. If you are clear on the picture and can see the direction you wish to head, just keep pushing forward and let the well intentioned people watch you move on ahead. When others don't see your vision or your vision doesn't match theirs, they tend to push against you and push their fear and self doubt to you., and you need to shake that stuff off and quick. I have come to notice when people have different visions or maybe similar visions just different ways to obtain the desired outcome "to get there from here" ...they can be met with a lot of resistance and negative talk from well intentioned people. There is more than one way to do things and maybe your way is different then their way, but it doesn't make it wrong. But as long as you keep moving forward (or climbing the wall) and you don't just stand there, your doing good. I love what @Graham Nicholls posed as questions to ask...I think those can be very beneficial in helping you climb that wall.
  10. Margaret Doxey

    What is that type of story technique called?

    Oh so glad that helped clear things up a bit @DNatureofDTrain. I love hypnosis and can talk about it all day...so if you ever want to geek out in hypno-speak, hit me up!!!!
  11. Margaret Doxey

    The Coffee Lounge

    Okay I must say I am a huge coffee addict so count me in on this subject, but I have never heard of brown sugar in coffee (must be a European thing)..but I may have to give that go, just so I can say I have had the experience. I unfortunately drink way more coffee than I probably should, although a nice cup of tea works as well...I crave tea more in the fall.But coffee, a strong brewed coffee I crave all year long....But Sorry Misty I have to pass on the Pumpkin flavor...that is just not natural.
  12. Margaret Doxey

    What is that type of story technique called?

    Hey @DNatureofDTrain So I hope this helps you understand Isomorphic Metaphors a bit better but what isomorphic metaphors do is offer direction to the unconscious mind by telling it a story that offers a moral. So now the unconscious mind will now draw a 1-1 relationship with the elements in the story, as well as elements of the problem. So to give a little example, when my child was telling a lot of lies, I told my child the story about the "Boy who cried wolf." The unconscious mind then will draw a parallel with the boy in the story and my child which then makes it realize that telling lies could lead to bad things happening, there for my child should probably stop lying. Did that help or make sense for you?
  13. Margaret Doxey

    Are there unlimited types of life coaching?

    @kateamarlowI absolutely agree with you. So many times I find people "trying" to coach in areas they really shouldn't be coaching in. I think those who have the greatest success are those who have gone through a struggle and come out maybe a bit tattered and torn on the other side...meaning they come with experience and can talk from the pain point. Although, I feel it is important that they have overcome the pain point as well. I once worked in a training with a Grief Coach who just lost her mother, she still couldn't get past the loss and yet was trying to coach others in this...I am not saying she shouldn't ever coach in regards to grief, but I feel she should still not be lost in the grief. The loss of her mom is what lead to grief coaching. I did manage to get her to agree to hold off in this niche for now. But I think people forget you can always change your niche, if things change in your life or maybe you have evolved then maybe a shift of niche is what is needed. We see people in the industry do it after a certain amount of time.
  14. Margaret Doxey

    Organizing Client Files

    @kateamarlow hello, I am happy to get some nerdy chat happening with you. 😃 I love keeping things organized as well. When I am with my clients I have a personal note pad that I take notes with...this way my client can have my attention and I can scribble away. After the session I take my scribble notes and add them to Evernote and I also add them to my OneNote. ( I always have a fear one will fail so I have plan B. ) I also really like the digital aspect because I can take intake forms and any other type of form and add to the file. But if you do use a digital system, I do suggest you do not use the clients full name, that you have an Identifier that is unique to you, but one you can keep track of. In case you are hacked and your files become compromised. It is meaningless if TG170107 is compromised because no one knows who this individual is. (If that made sense.) But I also have my scribbled notes in paper files ..This is minimal amount of notes for me to keep track of, but certainly helpful in a pinch if I have a systems failure. I have only once had to resort back to my paper notes because my computer crashed...my session that day was on the phone. So this was completely doable. So, are you using a system that you feel comfortable in using?? I am always looking for ways that things can be done more efficiently , and anything that can keep my recording system on point. I honestly am waiting for Google to create a integrated system for notes and calendar system to sync together similar to OneNote or Evernote...but nothing as of yet. Love to hear what it is you use!!!
  15. Margaret Doxey

    What is Branding?

    I think people get lost and think Branding is all about colors, photos and fonts...what they miss is the person in the brand. I love now how things people love are blended into the brand.