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  1. I am what I am and that's all that I am


    1. TinaSaxena


      I am that ❤

    2. Graham Nicholls

      Graham Nicholls

      Is that the only real truth in life?

  2. Margaret Doxey


    What are you putting up with? Time to dig a little deeper into you. We tend to get dragged down and overwhelmed by things that accumulate over time - and end up cluttering our minds. You may not want to do anything about them right now, but just writing them out will raise your awareness and you'll naturally start handling, fixing and resolving them. So, make a list of what you're putting up with and see what's cluttering your mind, draining your energy and slowing you down! (Examples): Incomplete tasks, frustrations, poor processes and procedures, unresolved issues or problems, other people's or your own behavior, clutter, 'shoulds', unmet needs, weak or crossed boundaries, overdue bills or invoices, guilt, exercise/eating/sleep habits, office cleanliness/tidiness, indecision, procrastination etc… Now this is the time to identify what you're tolerating! Write as many items as you can, then over time as you think of more, continue adding them to your list, Finally, pick ONE action to reduce your "Tolerations" (to action now or in the next day or so). So, what things are you tolerating and ready to take action on?? Are you truly ready to get real with yourself?
  3. can you help with my transcriptions? in my program the transcripts are in Spanish. I only read in English.

    thank you!

    1. Stevie Mills

      Stevie Mills

      Hey there,

       Hope you are well, We do not currently have subtitles or transcripts(English) in place for our courses. Udemy has made auto-generated closed captions available but unfortunately, there are many inaccuracies in these which have been off-putting for students.

      We have removed these in the short term while we improve the accuracy of these and will then make them available for all students soon.



      Achology Team

  4. Margaret Doxey

    Are you an Ambivert

    So, some of you know what I am talking about, and some of you are now Googling what an ambivert is. Well, let's get to the heart of what an ambivert is…Most people know what an extrovert is and what an introvert is…but did you know ambivert is the middle ground of these two? It is a real thing; I did not make this up. Some people see this introvert or extrovert as a label and it is false. This is a spectrum and ambivert falls in the middle. Being ambivert means that your personality doesn’t fall too heavy in either introversion or extroversion, but depending on the situation can be adjusted to the situation. This trait allows them to connect more easily with a wider variety of people. So, how this all works in the brain is really quite interesting, how social we are is driven by the amount of dopamine in our brain. Dopamine is our feel-good chemical hormone and we have a different level of stimulation in the neocortex. Let me break that down, our neocortex is responsible for mental functions such as thought and language. If you are on the spectrum side of introversion, you have higher levels of stimulation, if you have lower levels of stimulation you are on the spectrum side of the extrovert. Or you may fall in between, so let's look at some statements. 1) Social settings aren’t uncomfortable, but you get tired of being around people too much. 2) You are the kind of person that can work in groups or alone and don’t have a preference. 3) You don’t mind some small talk, but it gets boring after a while. 4) You can get lost in your thoughts just as easily as getting lost in a good conversation. 5) Spending too much time with people makes you feel drained were spending too much time alone you feel bored. So, those are a few statements(that is just an idea for you) to help you decide. Maybe you want to take a deeper look into the ambivert spectrum and get a better idea of where you fall. There are plenty of resources out there to help you with your discovery. I would love for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and insight on this fascinating topic. If you are one who was wondering where I fall or you probably guessed, I am an ambivert, and you guessed correctly.
  5. Margaret Doxey

    What is Emotional Healing Process

    @Graham Nicholls I think that is such a great point. We get caught up and consumed in everyday life we forget we might need to be doing a little inner work. I can find myself faced with many similar challenges like building frustration or getting overly angry at small things. That is when I start to realize I need a little self house cleaning and see what needs tending. I think we have a bad habit of getting caught up in everyone else so many times that remembering we need time to can get lost. We have to walk our talk as well...LOL
  6. Margaret Doxey

    What is Emotional Healing Process

    @Beth Gray I find that to me most helpful when the tiny questions get me thinking. People assume you need to be asked great long winded questions to get deeper answers, but I find quite the opposite. When I keep my questions simple and for myself or even my clients, allow them time to think. I am amazed at the depths a simple question can take me or the client. I find especially with clients, if I don't try to over complicate questions, it gives them the opportunity to focus only on what needs focus and not trying to process the wording of the question. Instead of thinking what the heck am I asking for , they can just go straight into digging. LOL
  7. Emotional healing process, I can tell you with certainty, that there is no one-size-fits-all method of healing. But there is a consistent pattern for each person. It starts with first and foremost making sure to be yourself , this is number one priority. Being in awareness and awakening to your triggers, this is key to the healing process. Let’s start off by being aware of avoidance, take notice of when you find yourself unfocused or feeling pulled a little more emotionally to TV, movies or even songs. Sometimes, you will find you are wanting to eat even though you are not hungry. Or maybe you start to crave more sweets or crunchy snacks. When healing emotional wounds being awake and aware is not avoiding looking inwards and that is a good start to the process when you find you're always needing to be busy, to be texting, reading, eating, watching TV or talking all the time, it may be time to see why. Confrontation and getting a grip on your mind and your emotions. Yep, I said that the dreaded C-word! I mean, it's now time to confront the emotional issue(s) that you have been avoiding. This could actually be a great relief when find you are spending your time running from it or trying to hide from it, this can be exhausting and stressful. There are many ways to confront it, it's as individual as you are. You can talk it out with yourself whether you are driving, taking a walk, or taking a shower. Talking out loud and questioning the behaviors, actions, and motives of your avoidance can be very helpful. Some find writing it out when they're doing a journal or writing yourself a letter like you would a friend can be quite helpful in determining what the avoidance is, then when you are able to name the issue you will feel lighter and clearer. Okay, here's the hard part and it's going to get a bit messy now. Staying with the emotions you are intensely feeling. This can be hard and I will not make light of this, but this is where the real work gets done and honestly, the most challenging. Be sure to allow yourself, patience and allow grace if you find you are becoming overwhelmed. I also assure you this is absolutely normal and to stay with your emotions requires a high degree of awareness. So, when these overly intense emotions come flooding in, I want you to take a deep breath and hold on, as you ride the ups and downs of this roller coaster remember to breathe with the rise and fall. Always remember you control your emotions, they don't control you, even if they fight you when you take hold the reigns you are the driver I promise. Some of the lessons we can learn from our emotions can be things like anger tells us that we have broken boundaries…. let me repeat that, when we suffer from anger what it really is telling us that we are suffering from broken boundaries. Guilt or shame that emotion can tell us that we need to restore our integrity. The emotion of sadness and crying, honestly offers us a great release, so let it flow then get back into control. To have any understanding of what these emotions and their meanings are, can carry great power in the healing process. Now with clarity and action stepping forward and what we need to be doing. When's all the “Dirty Work” is done, which will vary from issue to issue, a clear vision comes in and then we take action steps. Sometimes actions are basic such as sleeping better, getting more water and exercise, to removing toxic people and relationships. Whatever the actions they are easier to see with clarity. Okay, so now we have clarity and the epiphany shift also known as the (ah-ha). Now you will be staying on this shift with gratitude. Gratitude now allows for closure of the issue and we give thanks to the messy process that needed to happen for it to heal. It gives forward motion for more healing to occur, allowing us to experience life as more meaningful. Once you dig out all the messy, no longer needed emotional baggage weighing you down. Once you realize how you are in control of your emotions, life becomes a much brighter place. I am not sure where in life we subscribed to the belief that emotions control us, but I am certainly encouraging you to unsubscribe. Do you know when you are avoiding emotions? What are your triggers that make you aware that you need to give your attention to your emotions?
  8. Margaret Doxey

    Social Media Marketing

    @LesleyHardy Well It is August and I would love for you to add your name to the Facebook Challenge I have put up. It will begin August 15 and go until the 30th of the month. I would love for you to be apart of the challenge while serving your message to the masses.
  9. Margaret Doxey

    Welcome to the book club!!

    @mrlineHey that sounds like a great idea! Let me know if or when you get that started, that could become quite popular.
  10. Margaret Doxey

    Welcome to the book club!!

    @Waldamar hey thanks for your feedback, and yes I took away a very similar thought. Leaders get the movement started and get the heck out of the way.! I know for me in any leadership roll I have taken on, I chose to be there alongside those I lead and roll up my sleeves and work along with them. I prefer to be seen as holding the flashlight for others to see the way. Not standing on a hill waving my arms yelling "get over here". Tribes to me had some power packed ideas as a whole the book is definitely an easy going read and he doesn't over complicate things.
  11. Shoot, had to take a bit of time away and look how much things change. Ahh, all the amazing hustle and bustle of great conversations.  LOVE IT

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    2. Margaret Doxey

      Margaret Doxey

      Ha ha ha, yes I sure wish it was a sabbatical! Oh I am happily diving right in and reading through some great stuff in here.  :classic_biggrin:

    3. Sandi Dragoi

      Sandi Dragoi

      Welcome back, Margaret! As you probably know, I'm quite new here. I have joined this fabulous place only 21 days ago... but, I'm so impressed, and, happy to see this phenomenal growth... all these amazingly focused, talented, beautiful and willing colleagues of ours, joining every day. I find it fantastic!!!

      Looking forward to see more of you! 🤗

    4. Margaret Doxey

      Margaret Doxey

      @Sandi Dragoi I have to agree, I am so impressed with what has transpired since I left. It truly is becoming a one of a kind amazing community. 

      I have to say I have been very much enjoying your writings. You give a great value in your messages and many have been thought provoking. Absolutely Love it. 

      I look forward to connecting more with you throughout the community. ❤️

  12. Margaret Doxey

    Your Privacy in Achology

    Hey Julian and amazing behind the scenes Crew, Well I am for being open and transparent here. We are here "polishing" our skills and crafting our trades to be the best version of a practitioner we can be. I say allow it to be open and people can truly see the evolution of the practitioner of their interest. I appreciate the concern for privacy, but the reality is if it is online it truly is not private unless you are one to one, But hey that's just my 2 cents.
  13. Margaret Doxey

    If you could recommend just one book....

    These are all incredibly great books. I used to buy the book Change your thoughts, Change you life and give it to the inmates I was helping to transition out to the community by . It was a part of the homework I would give them when going through the coaching. It really was is a powerful book. Dr Wayne Dyer was an amazing man and teacher. I love when I run across previous inmates and they tell me they still have the book and they reread it from time to time.
  14. Margaret Doxey

    Welcome to the book club!!

    I highly recommend Tribes by Seth Godin. Its a small book but power packed with amazing nuggets. Anyone else read this book yet?? What are your thoughts on it?
  15. Margaret Doxey

    Are People Broken?

    @Evette Burnell What are ways we as helping practitioners can we do to help someone shift this mindset and look at the realization they are not broken? Or are we just to help them live with this thinking and give them tools and strategies to work with it? Would love to get your insight on this.