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  1. Theresa Reynolds

    A call for mindfulness enthusiasts

    Hello, friends! Count me in on the Mindfulness tribe, as well! Looks like I'm in good company.
  2. Theresa Reynolds

    When to end a helping relationship

    "A person will never change as long as their desire to change is not yet stronger than their desire to remain the same." No truer words have ever been spoken. Full stop.
  3. Theresa Reynolds

    Achology Logo Question

    OK, I have to ask. Why is the G in Achology backward and highlighted in orange in the site's logo? Thinking that it's not random, so there must be a reason it stands out like that. Just curious. 🙂
  4. Theresa Reynolds

    The Foundations of Achological Practice

    I believe that unconditional acceptance applies both in relationships and situations. Whether we like or dislike how someone is behaving or how something is happening is really irrelevant. It is who they are, and it is what is happening despite our opinion of it. We are all just imperfect humans, living our imperfect lives, and doing our best in any given moment. Our task lies in the work of allowing it to be what it is, how it is, the way it is, right now, without injecting our desire that it be any different. Once we can discover that level of awareness and acceptance within ourselves, then the "unconditional" part comes into play naturally. Easy? Hell no. It is a practice. Daily, hourly, sometimes minute by minute when we are in the midst of something that challenges us to rise above the garbage our minds try to tell us about what's happening. And sometimes we fail. And it's ok. There is no magic trick to it. Just keep practicing. As Barbara Chase stated, "Let It Be" is a good mantra to keep in mind while developing the ability to have this unconditional acceptance for others and whatever life throws at us. It is a practice I continue to work on, as well. So glad to be in a community like this where such thought is carefully considered and supported!
  5. Theresa Reynolds

    Talk on long term illness and labelling

    I can completely relate to this. I have been dealing with chronic pain due to spinal surgeries and other related physical health issues for most of the last decade, and also tend to push myself too far sometimes. I'm still learning my physical limits and how to honor the boundaries of my abilities as time goes on. It cost me my business, but it has never beat me down. I keep getting up and moving forward at any pace I can rather than allowing a label or diagnosis to hold me prisoner. I've got too much I want to do in this lifetime to sit it out on the sidelines. I have known friends whose illness or chronic pain became their identity. It is who they thought they were. "I am a 'name the condition' sufferer. I cannot do 'this' anymore, or 'that' anymore, so what's the point of trying?" While chronic pain and illness certainly can change what it is you may physically be able to do in some cases, I do not believe that it then defines who you are nor does it take away all possibilities of what you CAN do. As a result, this is what I would like my niche to be when I am in a position to establish a practice - helping clients that may be struggling with the limiting beliefs that chronic pain and long-term illness bring about within them. What I would suggest, Xander, is kind and compassionate honesty. Yes, you will likely offend some people. They will be those that have established their condition as their identity and are not ready to hear anything different. That's ok. It's just where they are at right now. But it is also quite likely that you will make a profound impact on those that ARE ready to hear your message. Give the talk, and know that for those your talk does make a difference to, you may very well have changed their lives in a permanently positive way. How awesome would that be?
  6. Theresa Reynolds

    The difference between coaching and mentoring

    Another good video explaining the differences between coaching and mentoring. Happy for the clarity between the two. I'm curious, though - was it intentional to give the two videos on the same topic the same name, or is one a Part 1 and the other a Part 2?
  7. Theresa Reynolds

    Training Triad Forum Introduction

    Looking forward to joining a Triad through Achology. Have exchanged on-on-one coaching, but had trouble getting into a Triad on PMP due to schedules, time zone issues, or missing a FB post regarding those that have popped up there. Thank you for setting this up here, along with all of the other possible sessions and groups forums in Achology. Opens up the possibilities for growth significantly. This entire site is so well thought out and organized, and such a great community. Love it!