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  1. Hi Achologists! I talk, and think a whole lot about authenticity and being yourself. In trying to think out what some barriers to people being authentic to themselves I keep coming around to self confidence and digging into that. Thinking on that keeps bringing me back to what my mom always told me - "You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else". If I reflect back to times in my life where my self confidence was low I find times I didn't love, respect and accept myself. When I was grossly overweight and hated my body. When I tolerated relationships where my own needs were abandoned. When I didn't know and embrace my core values. Fast forwarding to today, where my authenticity and self confidence is in a pretty good place, I still can't say the little doubting voices are gone. I still get thoughts that people may not like me, or what I'm saying. There are still questions on if I'll be accepted as I am, still the nagging self doubt sometimes. The thing is, even with the doubts, I most always manage to stay authentic and fairly confident. Is it odd to say it took me analyzing it and thinking on it for a while before I could figure out how I was doing it? At the end of thinking it all out, it came right back to what my mom said. When the doubts pop up it just ends up that I value my own opinion of myself and my actions more than I value what other people may think about them. And that I think is the real core of self confidence and being authentically you. Knowing that someone may not like me, they may not approve, but that I do, and that's more important to me. Question - How do you define self confidence? In times where you struggled with it, what was at the root of that struggle?
  2. Misty Flanagan

    Which website and branding?

    Personally I like Wordpress. With different themes it's very very flexible to use and you can change up the whole thing if you want with little effort. .com is mostly a mental thing, many people just type an address and the .com rather than pay attention to the actual extension. That's just for people entering it manually though. For linking and search engine traffic and everything else it doesn't matter at all. Having the same name across all stuff can be helpful, yet it's hard to pull off sometimes! Life can go on without it to be honest, again most stuff links to other stuff, so having a slightly different name isn't the end of the world. If you want to try to align across all I like to use https://www.namecheckr.com/ to find something open. It will show you if the name is free as a domain as well as across all social media platforms.
  3. Misty Flanagan

    Naming your business

    Thank you! Love the middle of the night clarity haha. Well, except if you wanna sleep πŸ™‚
  4. Misty Flanagan

    Is responsibility scary?

    But its soooooooo much easier to blame other stuff! I took on total responsibility a few years back and it changed my life. I'd never go back! I dont recall honestly if it was scary? It was way more work, I remember that clearly. No more blaming my work, genetics, boyfriend etc.
  5. Misty Flanagan

    Website success

  6. As a manager this is disgusting, cowardice and just being a bad leader. If someone is not performing to expectations it is on the manager to help them, coach them and try to resolve the issues. If that is not working it's still on the manager to be very clear on what is expected, how they are not meeting it and when they are expected to improve to avoid further action. It's bad bad BAD management and not leadership in any way.
  7. Hey all! It dawned on me that the first step of any platform is what to put there! So I combined this idea along with content creation to create this event! This will go through a method to create loads of content as well as an overview of the top platforms and what types of content work best there. It will also include a downloadable ebook with a full breakdown of all the platforms to help find the one that you enjoy the most to connect to your potential clients. Its going to be huge!! See you there!
  8. Misty Flanagan

    The difference between important and urgent

    I love this because it brings in the third factor, relevant! It may be urgent, is it relevant to what is important to me? If not, well, maybe it's not my urgency.
  9. Misty Flanagan

    The Stories Our Clients Tell

    For me, personally I tell my stories to anyone who will listen, and a few who couldn't care even haha. Our lives, every moment are our stories. For working with clients, there is a fine line sometimes I think. Yes, by all means tell me your story! Let me feel it and know where you have been and how it impacted you. Then let's focus on going forward. Sometimes I find clients get stuck in story mode, focusing too much on them. Then it's on me to move the conversation forward πŸ™‚
  10. Misty Flanagan

    Project Declutter

    @Bernard Kates I feel you! In the same boat here. I have found getting rid of the extra stuff like TV and phone games will free up lots of time to work on starting a practice πŸ™‚
  11. Misty Flanagan

    Adding some Budha in my life.

    You can host an event if you would like πŸ™‚ jusjust tag me on a post with the details and I'll create it for you.
  12. Misty Flanagan

    Your Privacy in Achology

    Fully understandable. With the public forums being clearly marked as such now, and private forums locked down, in addition to the freedom to select your username privacy should be fairly well in hand.
  13. Misty Flanagan

    Adding some Budha in my life.

    Hiya! You can tag me for these, I can help πŸ™‚ It appears it was lost in the approval queue, all back now πŸ™‚
  14. That's where I've been leaning... if you go by the carer or caretaker label would someone subconsciously behave outside of their true self in some areas to live to that label? Like what @Dr. Tarique Sani was saying. Loving the discussion!
  15. Hello Achologsts! I had the honor of joining a panel discussion on Facebook today with @ToniLee, @Graham Nicholls and @Vince Richardson (Video will be added here soon! If you can't wait it's on Toni Lee's business page). The talk was around authenticity. We all agreed pretty quickly that the foundations of living a truly authentic life are based on really knowing yourself. Your values, beliefs, labels and everything else. It got me thinking, if someone is still embracing the labels they have, from society, from themselves and even from medical sources, can they be truly authentic in their lives? Or by embracing, or even accepting these labels do we act according to them on some level?