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  1. Misty Flanagan

    Psicotic people have good intentions?!

    The presupposition is related to not judging the person, does not mean you have to trust them In any way 🙂 If their actions do not earn your trust, dont give it. That can still be done without judgement. I have a few co workers that totally fall into that category myself lol.
  2. Misty Flanagan

    Read any good books lately?

    Oh I'm going to have to check this one out next!
  3. Misty Flanagan

    What has Achology done well so far?

    I'm pretty freaking thrilled if I dont say so myself! The navigation is easy and intuitive, even on mobile. The community has been amazing in starting and sustaining great conversation and the videos are even starting to come in! From an admin point of view holy cow so much easier than Facebook! Just a handful of people can stay on top of everything easy with the tools the developers gave us. So far its amazing and I'm so excited for what's coming next!
  4. I just finished a book that I found so insightful I'm pretty excited about putting to practice some of the things I've picked up on from it. The book is "The Like Switch" by Jack Schafer. It's full of all sorts of interesting tips and ideas for making people more likely to like you and making friends. One of the first things he writes about are "friend signals", mostly subconscious body language we send out when we meet someone we like, or want to meet someone we think we will like. I thought it would be a neat topic for us here. Most coaches pay attention to body language as a part of active listening, are we watching intentionally to see how the person feels about us though? These signals are normally not fully intentional and they're picked up on by the other person without them being aware they were sent. By being aware of them we can pick them up in new people we meet to help gauge how they feel about us. We can also be more intentional about sending them out. The most well known and obvious friend signal is of course a smile. This is pretty well the universal signal that someone is receptive to interacting with you. An interesting thing though is that our minds can tell the difference between a real and a fake smile without even trying. Even if we're not totally aware that the smile is fake, our brains tell the difference and our opinions of the person are impacted. The dead giveaway of a real smile is the little crows feet at the corner of our eyes. If they are present, we're giving or getting a genuine smile. If you're trying to give out smiles in a situation, like a party where you feel awkward, or meeting a new person you want to like you, make sure it's fully genuine! If needed think about something else that makes you grin. Another signal is a quick eyebrow lift or chin tilt when we first see someone we like, or want to get to know. Both are very quick to happen and we tend to do them without even thinking about it. Noticing either of these when first making eye contact with someone can be an indication that they either like you, or if they're a stranger, that they would be interested in getting to know you more. The last of the big giveaways is a head tilt while greeting or talking to someone. Even slightly leaning our head to either side around someone else is sending an almost primitive message that we trust them. Going back to times when humans were more survival oriented, this tilt exposes arteries in our neck and makes us more vulnerable. Even today where our lives are not so at risk the head tilt is a strong subconscious indicator that the person doing the tilt trusts and likes the other person. As you can see I found it all very fascinating!!! Questions: Have you ever observed body language with the primary purpose of determining how the other person feels about you? What did you observe? What signals are you sending out?
  5. Hey lady!  Welcome!

    1. ToniLee


      Hey Misty! Thanks for the welcome! I'm intrigued and excited to dive into this community!  I appreciate all of the hard work that you, and everyone involved, in getting this launched!   Thank-you!

  6. Misty Flanagan

    Niche, finding???

    For me a niche is about finding and attracting the people I can best help. I think about if you have a specific medical issue, say a heart problem. Sure, a general doctor can help to some extent, yet who wouldn't seek out a cardiologist? Someone who is dedicated to working on the very specific kind of problem you have. There's nothing at all wrong with being a generalist, there is just the option to specialize down if you choose to.
  7. Misty Flanagan

    Show your business cards please!

    Here's a quick tutorial to upload images 🙂
  8. Misty Flanagan

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    Like workbooks? That would be awesome! We don't have the resources section live yet to host the files, however can always link to a file in a shared Google drive or dropbox. Would these tools be free for coaches to use with clients? Maybe we can look at a forum to share this stuff while that section is worked on.
  9. Misty Flanagan

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    Hi Darcey! There is a thread going about insurance here -
  10. Misty Flanagan

    A Purpose is a terrible thing to waste

    Love this topic Graham! When the purpose falls into place everything else follows 🙂 My purpose is to make the best positive impact I can on the world. To help others find their power and go on to help even more people.
  11. Misty Flanagan

    Developing our key relationships

    My core relationship is easily the one I have with my husband 🙂 These days we have a relationship that feeds on total honesty and acceptance of each other with a giant focus on communication. We're in a very happy and healthy place now - and had a crazy long difficult road to get here. We were first married in 1998 after dating for a few years and being friends long before that. There's a pile of excuses I can give, but the truth is we didn't know how to talk to each other, didn't really have a lot of trust and ultimately had no idea how to actually have a mature relationship. We divorced in 2000. Six years later we reunited. There were some improvements, we trusted each other at least, and we still had no idea how communication should work. He liked to argue, I took that as he didn't love me and didn't argue back. He took my refusal to argue as me not loving him. About a year later we were apart again. Fast forward to 2014 and again we crossed paths. The big difference now is that we'd each taken a lot of self improvement steps in the last 8 years. Before we remarried there were many many long conversations about being open and honest and talking to each other always. Not ever assuming that either of us can read minds and never staying angry without talking about why we are, and how to fix the core issues. I guess from my point of view, relationships take a whole lot more than love. We have always loved each other, that much is clear, yet it took us 16 years to figure out how to honor that. Our roots are total honesty, trust and constant communication.
  12. This is a neat topic! I would mostly agree based on personal experience. I've managed a diagnosis of bi-polar for around 23 years without any medication. I do this by consciously knowing that my body may have an imbalance, so my feelings are not always a direct reflection of the world, rather they can be caused just by chemicals. Because I know this and pay attention to it I'm able to pay further attention to the feelings that I really dwell on and my actions with them. If it seems the feelings are not based in reality, such as the totally hopeless emotions that are attributed to depression, I know they are not real and find something else to dwell on. Or even better, focus on real things that prove the hopelessness wrong. This has worked so well that in fact very few people even know I have this diagnosis. Well, until recently when I started sharing parts of that story to possibly help others. For the most part, I agree with your statement - then again the smarty pants in me wants to point out that not ALL problems are thought. If I jump out of a plane and my parachute doesn't open, it's a bit more than a thought problem 🙂
  13. Misty Flanagan

    What is Branding?

    That's just it, as coaches WE ARE the brand. A person has to feel that they know and trust us before they're going to want to hire us.
  14. Misty Flanagan

    The Business of Achology

    Hey Graham 🙂 I actually made a video walking through this process
  15. Misty Flanagan

    Are there unlimited types of life coaching?

    It's only as limited as our ambitions and client base! Because we are not becoming experts at anyone's life, rather solving problems there can be as many niches as there are problems in the world. It's pretty awesome