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  1. Julian

    Group Business?

    Hey guys, yes indeed, that is the end goal here at Achology.
  2. Julian

    Updates 18th September

    Hi @sarahRoos , thanks for reporting this, we should have it working shortly.
  3. Sorry for the down time everyone, we've just been rolling our some of our changes for the next release. You may notice some slight changes throughout the website. As always, any problems, please email support@achology.com Thanks for your patience!
  4. Julian

    Community News

    If you haven't already seen the community news videos then you are missing out! Check out the latest video from this weekend below!
  5. @Jeffrey Keefer I'm going to point you towards @Gary J Stearman who is now somewhat of an expert in this field, I think he has a thread on this. Also @Misty Flanagan might discuss this in one of her how to videos.
  6. Julian

    Achology’s First Community Project!

    Hi @Candy1966 Awesome, if you think of any good questions for the test as you progress through the course then by all means submit them and you too can become part of the course 🙂
  7. Julian

    Your Privacy in Achology

    Thanks @Sue McMullan @suzan expect some big changes with our next release. @Dr. Tarique Sani thanks for the feedback, full thread deletion is being discussed.
  8. Julian

    Achology’s First Community Project!

    Over 80 questions, a huge push from @LindaE and @Ayhan Sunar
  9. Hi David, apologies but in a server rollback we seem to have lost your image, please re-upload it. Sorry again and welcome to the community 🙂

    1. David


      Thanks! No problem. Great site and looking forward to learning and teaching here:classic_rolleyes: .  Appreciate all your efforts.

    2. Julian


      Thanks David! 

  10. Julian

    Achology’s First Community Project!

    Great work so far everyone, , 36 questions to date. Great effort @Ayhan Sunar
  11. Hey Sam, the mod team are just reviewing your video and considering a new area for the series. Will be in touch soon.


  12. Dear Achologists, Over the past month, privacy has become a key discussion of the community and behind the scenes. Part of our vision has been to create one of the best, open discussion forums on the internet, a fountain of knowledge with a friendly, knowledgeable community, however by making this platform free and open we have encountered a few conundrums. In our first week a discussion on usernames led us to working more towards using our real names and our brand names. However we kept the option of allowing a change of display name so users could remain anonymous if they desired. In our second week we discussed the benefit of studying in a closed area, without judgement, free from prying eyes. The issue of Google indexing our posts and the need for clarity in understanding what is public and what is not. For our platform to meet the needs of the community and deliver on our goal of a popular open discussion forum, we are planning to do the following :- Hide all profile pages from Google, I know many of you wanted to use Achology as a means of being found on Google, however we do plan on creating a public register which will be more functional, professional and suited to being found and seen by clients. Clearly split the forums by PUBLIC and PRIVATE so it is clear what can be seen publicly and what cannot be seen without membership (we have put a temporary solution in place). Improve our guidance upon signup of new users so they understand the implication of using their real / brand name within the platform and can make an informed decision. This community is an evolution so your comments and feedback is very much welcomed! Please feel free to discuss this further below! Thanks, Julian & Neil
  13. Julian

    I need help

    Exactly, sell the sizzle, not the steak. https://simplesmallbiz.com/business-marketing-101-sell-the-sizzle-not-the-steak/
  14. Yup, as Neil says, that's one of our goals here at Achology, to help you create your tribe! We've only two weeks old now and have so much more to show everyone.
  15. Thanks gang! Oh if only I could tell you everything we have in store 🙂