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  1. Julian Y

    Rules! Read this before posting please

    Locking this thread now.
  2. Julian Y

    Gifting a course

    Maybe this helps. https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229231187-How-to-Send-or-Redeem-a-Udemy-Gift-
  3. Great looking profile Kim!


  4. Hi Julian 

    I recently completed the CBT practitioners course on 05.07.18 I was wondering if this course is accredited and if so is there somewhere we can include it int. o the members area of Archology

    Many thanks   


    1. Julian Y

      Julian Y

      Hi Chris, both these areas are something we are currently working towards! As soon as we make any of that happen we'll be sending out excited emails. Well done on completing the course! Did you get a certificate on KainRamsay's website?

  5. Name: Achology & The Unscaling of Pyschology Category: Community Spotlight Date Added: 2018-07-12 Submitter: samtwizle Hi Achologists! Just a quick video guide about setting up your profile. Hope you find it useful 🙂 Achology & The Unscaling of Pyschology
  6. Julian Y

    The Coffee Lounge

    I love this thread 🤣 Shame I'm on the decaf.
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you are all having fun and settling in! A big welcome to all the new members today, we are now at 800+ members! Here's the latest... COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Check out our first community spotlight, a great video from @samtwizle We'll be looking to feature a community video each week so keep that content coming! Please remember to refer to our forum rules in regards to acceptable content. VIDEO RULES We are updating our community rules in regards to video submissions, videos must now be original content created specifically for the purpose of the community. I'm afraid that means we have had to remove a couple of videos from the community submissions. Apologies to these creators and I heartily encourage you to recreate that content for Achology. Check out Sam's video above for some inspiration. We may be introducing some quality guidelines as well in the near future. SUPPORT DESK We now have a dedicated support email address, support@achology.com - we are working on developing a knowledgebase as well to compliment our FAQ page. NAME CHANGES Watch this space, a site wide announcement will be made shortly. NEW FEATURES You can now add your social media URLS to your profile. FUTURE FEATURES A lot of you have been asking what is coming next, Kain touched on this but in no particular order, a supporter membership level, all the courses, your own blogs and the Achology blog, private messaging, and much more. SHOW SOME LOVE To the Q&A forum, this is a place where you can ask a question and reward the the best answer. Or answer questions and be rewarded. You can also help vote for the best answer too! A great way to build reputation points! HOW TO SETUP YOUR PROFILE We also have a new FAQ video from Cinzia Dubois for those wanting pointers on setting up their profile. That's all for today folks, have a great day!
  8. Hi Sam, we've featured your video and are putting some news up about it now. Great job 👍

    1. samtwizle


      Thanks for the notification Julian! I look forward to producing more content in the future...

  9. Hi Graham, your latest video is non existant. It might be you have the wrong link, or perhaps it's marked as private? You should mark the video as UNLISTED in order to get it to show. Reply to this if you need any more help. Once updated, you simply need to edit your video and save for the thumbnail to regenerate. Cheers! - Julian

    1. Graham Nicholls

      Graham Nicholls

      Hi Julian,

      Ah, that answers all my questions! It is set to private, I'll go in and change the status and try again.



    2. Graham Nicholls

      Graham Nicholls

      Sorted 🙂 Thanks Julian!

    3. Julian Y
  10. Julian Y

    An Intro to Masterminding: Mastermind Groups

    Great video Debbie!
  11. Hi Melanie, day one and we had a slight problem with your account and had to reset some of the settings and consequently you lost your image. Hope it wasn't too inconvenient and thanks for the support ❤️

    1. Melanie Holmes

      Melanie Holmes

      No problem Julian, thanks for letting me know🙂

  12. Hi there Julian! 

    I definitely take the approach that this platform is a combined and community effort! I was wondering how I could share a screenshot with you to highlight a potential error? 

    Basically, when you click on the 'My Account' tab then the 3 modules in the top-right corner of the page disappear (those being: +create, the bell notification symbol and the profile widget). 

    Currently, if you click on the My Account tab and then want to go to your profile page, you first have to click the Achology homepage before those three modules appear again in the top right. 

    I hope my written explanation makes sense. No worries if you already knew about this and it isn't an issue; just wanting to help contribute towards the overall success of the platform.

    1. Julian Y

      Julian Y

      Many thanks Sam, we are aware of the issue and will get it sorted. 🙂 

  13. Julian Y

    We are live

    Thanks everyone for participating in the launch of the Achology Community. Don't be scared, we know it can take a while to get used to something new so take your time. If you haven't already, update your profile by clicking at the top right corner and clicking PROFILE. You can update your picture , your background image or brand and your about text by Editing your profile. Have fun and if you get stuck please post into the peer support forum and we'll all try and help out 🙂
  14. Thanks for being our first sign up monkey6 🙂


    1. Neil


      Yaaaaay first signup! Welcome monkey6.