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  2. Bernard Kates

    From suicide to success?

    Hi @Jenny Lahoud As @Graham Nicholls says, it's not easy. It may be simple, meaning that it's not hard to see what steps need to be taken, but of course "simple" does not in these circumstances equate to "easy". As a wise person once said, "when you're up to your armpits in alligators it can be very difficult to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp." This is why it's so important for someone making the journey back from the depths to have a guide, mentor, coach, whatever you wish to call a caring helper, walking alongside them on the path. I made the mistake of not seeking any assistance and toughing it out on my own. I made it, but I went the long, hard way around and once or twice I nearly fell back into the hole. "Mind power" alone got me through, but I wouldn't recommend it as a strategy.
  3. Brockton James

    If you could recommend just one book....

    "Change Your Thoughts..." is a life-altering book for sure, based on the Tao. (I love all the books I've read by Dr. Dyer.) I especially want to re-read this one, but I will have to re-purchase it, as I gave away my copy! LOL!
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  5. Graham Nicholls

    From suicide to success?

    Hey @Jenny Lahoud, it is indeed! I know, I’ve been there..... it’s not easy. It is, however, a worthwhile journey as that journey can be used as a learning curve on a road to helping and inspiring others to do the same. This became my focus and what kept me moving, even on those dark days.
  6. Jenny Lahoud

    From suicide to success?

    Thanks @Graham Nicholls. It's a tough one. When dark days come around, and bad things happen, it can be difficult to know what the point of life is - no matter how together or spiritual one is.
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  8. Happy birthday blessings... almost🙂

  9. Happy birthday blessings...almost🙂

  10. Happy birthday blessings 🙂

  11. Graham Nicholls

    From suicide to success?

    Hi Jenny, Simply put, no it’s not that simple. ”mind power” alone will never achieve anything, opening a mind to new perspectives and learnings to grow beyond the initial situation is a great start but without deciding where to get to and taking action to get there, there is no movement. The old saying that knowledge is power is only partially correct, knowledge is only potential power, when combined with directed action the power is released.
  12. Trusting myself to show up; when I say to myself I'm gonna do something, to actually show up & do it.
  13. I realize many people are taking these courses for one of two reasons: 1. self-improvement 2. To practice as a coach Having heard Kains story I am certain there are many people who have times when things have felt hopeless and even contemplated suicide. As informative and helpfull as these courses prove to be I can't help wonder how someone can go from suicide to achieve success purely based on mind power alone. Or is it that simple!
  14. Everything useful that I believe in, which I cannot explain rationally or scientifically I file under “spiritual”. Nothing more nothing less. Some people find this offensive others find it naive, but hey they are not me!
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  16. Shut off the screen (any and all screens). Bring back free range lifestyles. Nurture couriosity. Explore nature (within and without). Get down on your hands and knees and get dirty. Climb a tree. Follow a bug. Stroll in the rain. Pretend you are content, happy and expectant while summoning those same feelings within (the reality may follow). If it feels right to you, then it is probably right for your children too. Seize a free range experience and make it your own! Gift your child with the same and help him/her disengage from mind-numbing technology so he/she can engage in the realm of reality.

  17. Currently just embarking on Achology courses. Will be adding more here as soon as I'm a bit further progressed.

  18. For me, sprituality is a sense of being the authentic self in such a way that we are unapologetic, and living life in a way where we are so personally fulfilled that we cannot help but want to give back in recognition of the same pulse of life that is in everything, everyone, everyplace, everytime.
  19. Julian

    Group Business?

    Hey guys, yes indeed, that is the end goal here at Achology.
  20. I've just completed the Mindfulness Practitioner Master Certification!

    Time for some down time and reflection!


  21. Who am I?

    I gave a lot of thought to that, ever since the question popped up in the Life Coaching course.

    Not defining meself through gender, age, occupation, nationality etc sounded true.

    Defining meself through values that i hold, was a step nearer to  the truth.  But somehow, to me, but not quite  right yet. I felt like my core would give the values to which i commit, and who define me, not the other way around.

    One night it popped into my head/heart: ' I am Life that wants to live, in the midst of Life that wants to live'

    My whole being sang: 'Yep, that's me!   I am that.

    (Quote by Albert Schweizer: 'Ich bin Leben , das leben will, inmitten von Leben, das leben will.^)


  22. Jeffrey Keefer

    Any Interest in an Article Discussion?

    We have the first article discussion scheduled!
  23. Nina


    You're absolutely right - for start, we could create a post for everyone to share their FB pages, to like/support each other.
  24. Nina

    Celebrating Course Completion

    Yes! Have cocktail hours, online parties & more "Saturday social" events.. in times I can actually participate
  25. Awesome, then we could create event for October 9/11 or 23/25 - the week in between I'll be in Berlin - can't promise 100% to be available. Do we create event here or in PMP group? You could do that, you probably have experience
  26. Dr. Tarique Sani


    We could also swap posts on each other's Facebook pages.
  27. ToniLee

    Radical Gratitude in Relationships

    There's a really cool one on Hypnosis happening next Thursday, 6:00 p.m. BST Check the achology calendar for details!
  28. Joy or sorrow, Happiness or sadness, Fear, Anger, Worry, Calm, Composure, Confidence. Strength or weakness. Youth or Old age.

    This too shall pass.

    Nothing is eternal. 

    I AM.



  29. Happy birthday blessings 🙂

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