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  2. Looking forward to my first IRL Achology meetup with @Monique this week! I predict much cackling.  

  3. Home again today after a few days in Melbourne...  Crowds, traffic, noise, rush...  Loved getting into the city vibe but four days was enough and it's so nice to be home.

    So, what have I missed in my four days off line? :classic_unsure: 

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  5. Nice to find another person from Northern Ireland on PMP fbook page today.

    Small world over here with masses of issues for people past and present.

    Eager to get started, baby steps 1st for me, but a quick learner😀

  6. I have always felt that finding life's purpose, is something more than getting direction; in a way, it's spiritual liberation.. It's getting clarity, of the world, which has only a pair of footprints; your's.. Getting to know your life's mission is tough, it's a long process, and can have profound effects on your life.. Better handled systematically.. Do let us know what kind of answers you get from the questions you asked..
  7. 'Life is all about change, so why do you feel stuck..?'


  8. I do... I’m not anxious this is an ingrained wall I built to protect myself that is taking some work to dismantle... and to join the triads I must dismantle it.. the triads are not the answer to this problem but the goal I cannot obtain unless I dismantle it.
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  10. Yvonne

    Getting clients.

    Thank you. this was really useful.
  11. Hello and welcome to my blog.


  12. I want to learn as much as I can....

  13. Myisty, I wanted to say Hi


  14. On sunday 25 november16-18.00 uhr  or tuesday 27  20.-22.00 hrs (GMT+1) :

    Free Online Workshop in Dutch

    I am participating in the workshop challange, here on Achology.

    It will be in Dutch. Look here for more info, dates and how to join me:


  15. Natascha at Compas Coaching

    Uncovered a deep seated fear

    @suzan Do you practise gratitude and breathing? For me these two really help me to get more relaxed and feel more balanced and deeply in touch with meself and my life. If you want I will happily teach you how to incorporate these things. Contact me, if you want ❤️ Ah and start participating in triads, you'll meet a lot of likeminded people and get to work on your issues, plus working on how to get to be a better, and better coach!! Win-Win_Win-Win!!!!
  16. Hi lovely people, Viktor Frankl in his book "Man's search for meaning" argues that most mental and emotional disorders come from an existential void, a lack of meaning, or purpose in life. This purpose is our "personal mission" and is based on our core values, actions and steps we take to achieve it, as well as having a clear direction and vision of who and what we want to become. Finding our purpose and role on Earth brings a feeling of peace and fulfillment. Many people struggle to find their purpose, their true North, either due to social constraints or because, of course, limiting beliefs. So here are some questions that I thought about to use as introspection tools: -What is your life purpose? -How many of the things that you do everyday bring you a sense of fulfillment? How many of these things have a real meaning for you? -how much of what you do you do it because you want to, and how much because of the expectations of others? -how many times do you put yourself down, thinking it is too late to change something? What would you change and what stops you from changing it, NOW? I think the key to finding the real purpose in life is being totally aware of our gifts/talents and what we can share with the world, our unique mark. What is your opinion? Have you discovered your "personal mission"?
  17. I am currently working towards helping create an organisation to help people with PTSD, It will be open to both Military and Civilians. I have had a facebook page on the subject for many years, but never offered any help relating to NLP, CBT or Hypnosis. I decided that it was time I did something about it so I started by refreshing my skills. I get people contacting me from literally all over the country even internationally. What are peoples thoughts on using NLP, CBT, Hypnosis online? If anyone has any experience in this I would be very interested to know more about it. What contracts/paperwork etc do you use and how does it differ from regular face to face clients. Is there any type of work you would never do online, e.g. Hypnosis/Trance work What services do you use, for example facebook messenger, Skype or Whats App. I know for example Whats App is highly encrypted and secure compared to many other services. Are there any online services you would never use. I look forward to any feedback and suggestions. Castle
  18. Castle

    Letters....behind the name...

    Letters after your name a great subject for this forum. I was fortunate to be part of a research project which made it possible to use the letters PhD. Very rarely do I use them. they are not worth the paper they are written on. All letters say is you have completed something, they do not mean you are even competent. I mentioned on another post about the police sergeant who said to me the best university for a police officer is the "University of Life" Our experience has a much higher value when performing many functions. Many years ago a friend of mine wanted to be a pilot and needed to get certain "A" levels. He got very upset when I asked what an "A" level in sociology had to do with being capable of flying a plane. Society conditions individuals to accept that if we have letters after our name it means they are experts or competent in certain fields. My son recently finished university with a degree in accounting and business. Now he has to do his exams to become a certified accountant. Twenty years ago you could take the exams to become a Certified Accountant after "A" Levels or a foundation course, now a degree is needed. He has letters after his name but has tens of thousands of pounds of debt and is in the same position a 19 year old could be in twenty years ago. These are the reasons organisations like Achology are needed. We need people to practice these skills and develop them further not because they are deemed clever enough to pass various exams but to allow people with the necessary skills and experience to fill these roles to a good standard. This should be judged by ability rather than "Letters after your name" I guess that is the end of my rant on the subject. Castle
  19. Castle

    What's Your Offer?

    That is an interesting niche to be looking at. I have been thinking about it and would it be better taking a step back,. The unhappy marriage is a symptom of something else. That could be lack of self-esteem, confidence, procrastination. Many people would call it "Mid Life Crisis" These men are not always just unhappily married, they are unhappy with life and feel stuck. If you target.. men aged 30+ who are feeling a lack of motivation, low self-esteem, self-worth etc you will attract the client you want without asking. I hope that doesn't seem to confusing. What i am trying to say is the issue you are looking at is a wider problem. Have you passed the age of thirty and lost direction? Life appears to have lost its shine and sparkle. Do you feel lost in and lacking the tools to start moving forward again. Is this affecting your family life and relationship. Hopefully that will help you think about this from a different angle and not make things more confusing. It made sense when I started typing. Castle
  20. challenge the limitation... is the pie REALLY only this big? how big is your life? you say you have only options a or b... but what other options - c, d & e - also exist? What would it mean for more options to exist?
  21. TinaSaxena


    Sure you can. It's a multi-disciplinary platform and we all being our experiences to the table to share and grow together!
  22. Good morning from sunny but colder Florida....truly happy to be here learning with you all.

  23. David


    FOMO = Fear of missing out. This idea has created a legion of zombies walking around saying yes to things that they don't even want to say yes, just because they don't want to feel left out or excluded from some experiences. The fact that we are constantly thinking about the things that we are missing just because we are doing this and that, creates such an anxiety in us, that it blocks our minds, performance and in general our lives. We don't feel happy anywhere and with anyone, since we are always thinking if there is maybe something better, fun, more exciting or interesting that what we are doing right now. Fun fact, most of the things that we think that we are missing out are by nature superficial or connected with short term gratification. While we are struggling with these kind of thoughts, what we are actually doing is missing the opportunity that we have to live our lives at its fullest, by being who we actually are, doing what we really want to do, and make the best with the time that we have in this tiny planet. Do you know how low the probability is to be a human being? and yet we frequently forget to realized the blessing that it is to be who we are. So, what are you missing out?
  24. Wisewoman 77

    Paid Membership Achology

    Thanks for asking, Castle! I had my credit card out ready to register, but had the same question.
  25. Hi Can I participate in the life coaching discussions ,though I havent done my life coaching course from Achology.
  26. Blissfully living in Miami, Florida after retiring from a governmental career  and rewiring my focus and activity to accommodate the changing flow of  my life.

     My intent is to coach young adults and women and encourage them to explore the concept  and practice of mindfulness and forgiveness as tools for resilience and personal transformation.

    I volunteer my time to talk to women who are facing change ocurring as a result of the loss of loved ones, divorce, retirement and  the so called “empty nest”.  

    I  also write grants and provide consulting services to arts and culture; community development and faith-based non-profit organizations. 

    I embrace my new position and  gave myself a new title as Chief Encouragement Officer in the life I am co-creating by seeking and embracing new ideas and experiences,  committed community engagement  and  acting upon my strong belief in the need for lifelong learning,  I have learned over the journey of my life that these elements and characteristics are necessary components of  both resilience and peaceful living.

    I am in this community  to listen, learn, think, and share. 




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