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Achology Counselling Practitioner Certificate (Beginner to Advanced)

Learn Counselling techniques and apply them with clients as an Achology certified Counselling Practitioner.

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Course Description

The Achology, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, certified Counselling Practitioner course will provide you with a complete toolkit of the skills required for expertly practising counselling.

Learn how to skillfully counsel people using a person-centred process

Take an active role in supporting clients grow to reach their full potential.

A broad range of counselling perspectives is covered, including existential, rational-emotive, humanistic and the Egan Skilled Helper models.

Counselling is a talking therapy which enables people to discuss their difficulties in a private and confidential setting. 

The personal growth model of counselling we cover (also known as non-directive therapy) adopts the principles underpinning personal growth. During the course, you will develop a robust set of practical counselling skills and gain deep insights into the principal motivations that drive human behaviour.

This course focuses more on the quality of the relationship between the counsellor and the client whilst also covering fundamental theoretical frameworks and the people and communication skills which promote meaningful transformation in counselling clients.

The course encourages students to explore and evaluate the impact that counselling theory and practice have on both themselves, their relationships and professional environments.

Our regularly updated course materials, which have been created by expert applied psychologists, cover all aspects of counselling including theories, skills advancement, adept practice, personal development and growth.

Achology Counselling Practitioner Certificate

Intermediate course

(Beginner to Advanced)

for access to this course and much much more

43.5 hours of on-demand video

265 downloadable resources

30 articles

Live practice sessions with experienced tutors

Access to a community of supportive practitioners

Business development workshops

Downloadable coaching forms

Verifiable Professional Practitioner Certificate

How will this course benefit me?

Our course will teach you how to:

  • Complement and expand your current level of professional offering with counselling techniques.
  • Learn advanced counselling skills and frameworks on clients or in your own life, career and relationships.
  • Use advanced counselling models of change to instigate significant transformation in your clients.
  • Employ a spectrum of person-centred counselling skills, get profound insights into the motivations that drive human behaviour.
  • Use various classical approaches to counselling; including existential, rational emotive, behavioural, person-centred outlooks and more.
  • Use the theoretical frameworks, people skills, and communication patterns to facilitate a significant change in counselling clients.
  • Understand the core motives and beliefs that underpin most patterns of unhelpful, repeated behaviour (useful and toxic).
  • Understand how the mind processes routine events and moulds our account of them into memories, concerns, disappointments, anger, behaviours and consequences.
  • Recognise the key applied psychological teachings and methodologies that underpin influential counselling practices.
  • Use the information and abilities to assist you when communicating with your family members, friends and co-workers.

What will I Learn?

  • Apply the main ideas and principles of therapeutic counselling.
  • Facilitate positive change in people’s quality of life.
  • Use counselling skills in a personal or professional capacity.
  • Create a proper context in which counselling skills can be used.
  • Prepare a series of counselling sessions with proposed clients.
  • Build healthy relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Connect with people meaningfully and positively influence them.
  • Evaluate the impact counselling theory has on both yourself and others.
  • Gain valuable insights into how counselling can be applied in daily life.

What does the course cover?

Counselling Practitioner Certificate (Beginner to Advanced) Introduction Section 23 Lectures
Section 2: The Human Condition 32 Lectures
Self-Reflection & Counselling Frameworks Section 19 Lectures
The Counselling Psychology Theory Section 45 Lectures
Counselling Skills (Basic to Advanced) & the Three Phase Counselling Model 33 Lectures
End of Course Graduation & Closing Thoughts 6 Lectures
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More about this course

This course presents an equilibrium between academic work, skills development, professional practice, individual personal improvement and self-awareness

This course will help you gain paradigm-shifting insights that allow your prospective clients to achieve their primary goals in life.

You develop ample knowledge of the person-centred counselling framework to start practising your new skills immediately.

With mental and emotional health problems being an ever-present issue for an increasing proportion of society, counselling is an essential profession.

Our unique, online course presents a thorough, enjoyable and beneficial learning experience. There is no deadline for you completing the course and you can fit the training throughout your current responsibilities and at your own chosen speed. Most of our students complete within 3-6 months.

More and more, clients tend to favour counselling practitioners who unite with a professional organization. This is why we give all students who complete our course an Achology professional ID number which they can publish on their website, social media channels and other marketing materials.

Most counselling instructions work in an area that's unique to their life experiences and offer broadly interchangeable skills to their clients in diverse fields such as health care, social care, teaching, people management, parenting, human resources and even the charitable sector.

So, whether it's relationship counselling, youth counselling or any of the other counselling options, how you progress to practice your newfound counselling skills is entirely up to you.

Who is this course for?

  • … those who are considering a career in people management and human resources
  • … those who wish to acquire relatability skills in specific areas including conflict management, collaboration and leadership;
  • … those who wish to develop deep self-awareness;
  • … those who appreciate the process of individual growth and professional improvement;
  • … those who want to attain practical insights for interpreting human behaviour.
  • Counselling practitioner training allows us to communicate more effectively with other people. Developing deep self-awareness is the crucial first step we must take before improving how we communicate with others, something which most of our counselling practitioner students naturally grow in through the training.
  • It is challenging to be productive in life, relationships and business without being self or socially aware. This counselling practitioner training course provides an excellent framework for this.
  • Students who enrol in counselling courses are often educators, skilled helpers, physical trainers, coaches, parents, psychiatrists, management teams, pastoral teams, alternative therapists and those who aspire to become more self-aware versions of themselves.

Requirements for enrolling on this course

No prior knowledge or formal qualifications are necessary to enroll in our Counselling Practitioner course. 

This course does not require submission of formal examinations or appraisals.

Students who benefit most from this Counselling Practitioner course are those who aspire to become more self-aware versions of themselves. Abilities can be learned, but the same attributes that inspire you to want to study counselling are what will sustain you.

this course is included with Achology Membership, Along with everything you see below

The first training of its kind

Achology offers you a unique learning ecosystem

Training with Achology offers you a unique learning ecosystem that centres around principled practices which exceed conventional education methods. Achology gives all students attentive support throughout its various programs, practice sessions and peer-to-peer practice events. 

Whether you are a managerial HR supervisor, a self-employed professional looking to certify your practice or a parent wanting to support your child, Achology training programs support every stage of your development.

In our unique, peer-learning environment, you can partake in live practice events, view pre-recorded tutorials, earn CPD credits (starting in 2020), and advance your professional progression. Once you feel ready, you can even apply to host training events and equip yourself for practising in a public or professional setting.

Achology gives you the tremendous opportunity to learn on your merit, work at your own pace, and propel your personal and professional development with the amount of support and accountability as you see fit.

achology video triads and workshops
counselling professional certification

Practitioner Certificates

If you are a professional or aspire to become a professional practitioner then you’ll want to claim the Achology Professional Practitioner Certificate. In order to do this you will need to be a professional member of Achology, this is because these certificates provide a mechanism for professional verification and validation of your professional membership within the Achology body. In essence, a certificate of completion demonstrates you completed a course, a professional certificate shows you belong to an organisation dedicated to professionalism, a code of ethics and continued professional development.

Put the learnings into practice

Practice putting the Counselling skills into practice by participating in live training sessions which are set up as Training Triads led by senior Achology members.

These Training Triads take place once a week over a six-week period. Each training session is 90 minutes in duration, and take place online using our own Achology virtual meeting room set-up (Zoom).

put your learning into practice
Achology triads

Training Triads

A Training Triad is an established way to learn and improve coaching skills.
Within the proven effective and popular Triad format, you will:

  • Work together with a group of like-minded practitioners
  • Collaborate in a supportive and non-judgemental environment
  • Extensively practice towards mastery of your craft
  • Receive a host-lead introduction to life coaching intervention techniques
  • Witness a live demonstration of the technique
  • Be able to ask any questions
  • Move to separate meeting room in a smaller team (three roles: Coach, Client, Observer)
  • Specifically practice the principles of the coaching intervention technique in this group
  • View the coaching experience from varying perspectives (Coach, Client, Observer) 
  • Receive constructive feedback from both the client and an experienced Observer
  • Return to the group setting where you discuss learnings and can hear about the other group members’ experience

A Training Triad is a safe and supportive environment where you can attempt a new method, make mistakes and receive gentle feedback so you can hone your skills. It is easy to join and to participate. You will be guided throughout the process by a senior Achologist. All you need to do is to download the free Zoom application (from just once, and you will be able to participate in any of the forthcoming training triads. 

This live training is one of the benefits of membership of Achology.

Counselling Training Triads

Training Traids Programme

Exploration – Counselling Phase 1

We can characterize this stage with the question, “what is going on?” as the helper is exploring the client’s situation. It is a time in which to build a collaborative counselling relationship and help the client to investigate their situation and uncover the issues that they want to tackle. It is a time to help identify and elucidate problems and opportunities as well as determining the resources available to them. To achieve success in this stage, the helper will be using excellent active listening skills, developing their rapport, reflecting, paraphrasing, silence, checking their understanding, asking open questions and summarising what they are hearing.

triads weekly training

Exploration – Counselling Phase 2

This session is where we deepen our practice from Phase 1. We revisit how we this stage with the question, “what is going on?” and as the helper explore the client’s situation. It is how we practice building up a collaborative counselling relationship and help the client to investigate their situation and uncover the issues that they want to tackle. 

The helper will be deepening their active listening skills, expanding on their rapport skills through reflection, paraphrasing, offering silence, checking their understanding, asking open questions and summarising what they are hearing.

structured training programme

Broadening Perspectives - (Counseling Phase 2, Part 1)

COUNSELING SKILLS:  Active Empathic Listening and use of Immediacy

The client can resist or fail to see things clearly, and therefore the counsellor/coach can help them to explore new perspectives and new possibilities, ensuring that they are realistic and in tune with their values. The helper is trying to facilitate a much more in-depth and objective understanding of their circumstances. We explore the client’s options and possible goals.

six-week triads programme

Broadening Perspectives - (Counseling Phase 2, Part 2)

COUNSELING SKILLS: Appropriate Use of Silence and Asking Questions (Open questions, Chunking up/down) 

The helper is guiding the client toward a more rational decision-making process, utilising careful analysis, careful consideration of the data and beginning to plan.   The sorts of skills the helper can bring to bear will be awareness and use of: challenging, exploring perspectives, implications, what’s not being said, ownership, patterns and connections, 'shoulds' and 'oughts' as well as negative internal criticism.

community driven training

Motivating Into Action - (Counseling Phase 3, Part 1)

COUNSELING SKILLS:  Intuition and Summarizing

By this stage, we have a good grasp of the pertinent issues, what it is the client needs to deal with, and it is time to plan appropriate action by defining goals. This can involve changing habits, or modifying patterns of relating. The helper will be guiding the client through problem-solving and decision-making methods, employing appropriate encouragement and support. The client needs to be able to cope with their current problems, and they also need to learn new skills. Any action planned at this stage will be based on the thorough exploration and understanding gained in the first two stages.

life coaching triads

Motivating Into Action - (Counseling Phase 3, Part 2)

COUNSELING SKILLS: Identifying Patterns & Themes and Self Disclosure

The aim is to enable the client in moving from their current situation into one that they would prefer. Everyone has a different capacity for change, and while some love big changes, others will require small baby steps. 

The helper can bring many skills to bear in this stage, including; divergent thinking, goal setting, decision making, problem-solving, evaluation, creative thinking, encouraging creative thinking, knowledge of behavioural change, learning skills.

Feedback from our students

L.A. | Counselling

"Really enjoyed this event. I hadn't previously attended events hosted by Cosmina and Sara but feel they did an excellent job and will certainly attend their triads in the future - thank you"

I.R. | Counselling – Immediacy

"Immediacy is what we can practice all day long every day. This triad made me realize we can transform our lives and communication with everyone by incorporating it into daily life. Thank you Cosmina and Sara for hosting it."

M.W. | Counselling Triad

"Beautiful set up and demonstrated. A friendly and warm environment, great experience."

T.S | Counselling Triad

"I thoroughly enjoyed this triad and being a client who was listened to with genuine interest on the part of the Coach as well as the inputs in the ensuing discussion. Great triad!"

T.M. | Counselling Exploration

"Fantastic to have a “private lesson” with 3 experienced Achologists. THANK YOU. Amazing feedback!"

kain ramsay founder of achology

About the Author

Kain Ramsay has become one of today's most esteemed thinkers and instructors of modern applied psychology. He is globally praised for his trademark instructions on value-centred living, personal maturity and specialises in rational decision-making.

Kain is the founder of Achology and bestselling personal improvement instructor at Udemy. He has published many prevalent online training programs, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching, Applied Mindfulness, Modern Psychology and Hypnotherapy.

Kain initiated his career in the British Army and has attained various qualifications in the social sciences, counselling, cognitive psychology and prominent leadership. Kain lives in Scotland with his wife, Karen.

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  • A library of resources for both you and your clients
  • Unlimited access to all Achology courses
  • Professional Training and community workshops
  • Professional certification
  • Premium monthly video and written content
  • Join a community of passionate helping practitioners
  • A library of resources for both you and your clients
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